<dream with me>

...just a bunch of imagines for us loners out in the world who have no chance of any of these coming true...


4. Hoseok X Reader



      It's been going on for 2 years. The torture, The pain. The suffering. Today's the second anniversary of that fateful day. 

      "It's been awhile, hasn't it, Yeon-a?" I whispered. The old withered flowers I had placed last year flew away as a strong wind came by. I put new fresh lilies I had previously bought from the store against the tombstone. I gingerly put my hand on the rough rock. Small crumbles fell from under my touch. I sat on my knees and stare at the name inscribed on it. 

     Cho Yeon-a


         Beloved daughter and fiance

     I feel a tear leaving my eye and wipe it away. My knees start to hurt and I get up. I look at the tomb once more before walking away. I sit in my car for awhile before driving off.


     You think about Hoseok on your way over to see him. Today was the 2nd anniversary of Yeon-a's death. She was Hoseok's fiance. They had been together for 3 years. But on her way home from work, a drunk driver crashed into her and her car went off the road, plunging into the water below. 

     "I wonder how he's been holding up." you say and finally pull into his driveway. You sigh in relief as you see his car there. You slowly walk up to the door and ring the bell. You hear nothing for a few minutes. You think that Hoseok's asleep and turn around and start walking, but the door bursts open and Hoseok pulls you in. 

     "Hoseok?" you say as he embraces you. You hear his sobs and wrap your arms around him

     "It's okay. Shh. You're going to be okay." you whisper. Hoseok stops crying and moves back. He grabs your arm and drags you into his living room. You sit down and Hoseok lays down with his head on your lap. You run your hands through his hair, trying to soothe him. Soon after, you hear Hoseok's soft snoring. You faintly smile and gently move his head to get up. Hoseok fidgets but doesn't wake up. You tip-toe your way over to the bathroom. When you turn the lights on, you gasp at what you see. Different pill bottles were left open. A small but dangerously sharp razor was just lying about. You walk closer and notice that there is blood on it. You let out a small sigh and run downstairs. Hoseok isn't laying down anymore. But he has his head against the back of the couch. He doesn't look at you but starts crying again.

      "I'm sorry..." he whimpers. You run towards him and hug him. Hoseok stays still and continues sobbing. 

       "Why... why would you do that?" I said. Even though I knew the answer, I wanted to hear it from him.

        "It's too painful! You know how much I loved her! But... but she's gone!" he yells. You grab his face in your hands and wipe his tears away.

        "This isn't the answer! I know you're hurting! I understand! But so am I... so please. Talk to me about your feelings. Let out your anger. But please don't try to hurt yourself." you say. Hoseok looks away for a second before nodding his head. You rest your forehead against his and sigh. 

        "Thank you, Y/N." he whispers.

                                                      (well this wasn't depressing at all. i just got the chills.)

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