Dragon Rider


5. Chapter Five

In the air, I could feel the crisp air running through my hair. But it couldn’t distract me from my thoughts. "Wait up!" I could hear Hiccup call. "Faster girl..." I whisper to Silver. But before she could get the chance to ditch Hiccup, Hiccup was cutting us of in the air. "Look I know you don’t wanna talk, and you don’t have too, but will you please just listen to what I have to say? We could go to my island not to-" "If we are to talk we do it my way. My island. My rules." I tell him sternly. Then I notice something Hiccup was carrying in his left arm. It was a leather saddle. Hiccup sighs in relief and says, "O-o-Okay! We'll go to your island and talk." I glare at him and see him as untrustworthy. "Just try to keep up." I say as SilverScar dives down towards the ocean. 

As SilverScar makes her way through and past the trees of our island, I turn my head back and see Hiccup and his Nightfury still tailing us. Silver lands next to the river just near the camp. "Is this it?" Hiccup asks. "Not yet." As we begin walking I notice dashed and deep cuts in the trees that I walk by. I stop at one particular tree that had marks that looked as if they were from both Viking and dragon. "Something wrong?" Hiccup asks me. "I don’t know." 

I pull back the branches that surround the small camp I call home, and see that something had been wrong. My tent had been burned down, and all my valuables where gone. Something and someone had destroyed my home. I couldn’t figure out whether to be angry or sad. "No..." I whisper. I collapse to my knees and Silver tries to comfort me. Hiccup places his hand on my shoulder and says, "Itll Be Alright. We’ll find you a new  home, or even better make you one...." "Really?" I mumble. 


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