In this AU, it's after Frisk's neutral run, and Frisk never RESET. Frisk and Chara had a child in the Underground, and a girl named Alana (The name means 'harmony') was born on the surface, raised by Frisk. Alana's SOUL is unique, with the left side blood red, filled with Frisk's DETERMINATION. But the right side is pitch black, covered in Chara's HATE. These two traits are balanced in Alana's SOUL, and she struggles to maintain her harmony. When Alana is a teenager, Frisk sadly dies, leaving her daughter to grieve. But years later, the adult Alana goes looking for the mountain and the underground race her mother told her so many stories about...


2. The Only Human Left

The note left by Sans and Alana read:

Dear Whoever The Fuck Finds This Note-

Don't be alarmed by the crack in the Barrier.

We'll be back to break the Barrier as soon as

our energy is replenished enough to destroy it.

If you somehow fix the cracks with some sort

of Barrier super glue, we will cut you.

This is only because we used a lot of magic to

make that dent, and it would be frustrating

if that selfless act was for fucking nothing.

So if you like your penis where it is, just don't.


The Pun Masters

It was found by Queen Undyne herself, and she knew exactly who had left the note. She set off to find Sans and that bitch human. Meanwhile, the "bitch human" and Sans were holed up in his room. Papyrus had no idea that the human everyone was talking about was sleeping in his brother's bed. It took several days, but Alana's energy was finally replenished. However, when they arrived at the Barrier, there was a pissed off Undyne.

"Did- did you fucking sleep at the Barrier, waiting for us to come back? Cause that's pretty sad," Alana asked.

"I was guarding the Barrier, to make sure criminals  didn't come back. Good thing they did. Sans, you are under arrest for treason against the kingdom. And human?"

"It's Alana,"

"Don't care. You're gonna get your SOUL taken. Prepare to die, fiend!" Undyne charged at Alana.

"Okay, hold it. Hold the fucking phone. Why are we in trouble when it's obvious that I'm trying to break  the Barrier and help  you all? Look, Undyne. I'm sorry that my mom killed Asgore, but if one bad human is gonna blind your eye so badly that you can't even tell the difference between good and bad, then you shouldn't be Queen. I'm the one that made that giant crack in the Barrier. In fact, that's literally the entire reason I came here. My mom was Frisk, the human before me to fall. She told me a lot of stories about the Underground, and I wanted to help you all. I jumped into that hole willingly because I knew that even if there was just a teeny tiny chance of my strong SOUL being able to break the Barrier on its own, I would take it,"

Undyne and Sans stood there shocked. "So, Undyne? Can you let me save all of your asses just this once?"

Undyne sighed. "Alright. But if you do one suspicious thing, I'm blasting your ass all the way to the Ruins,"

"Thanks, Undyne. Although, it's not like you could even if you tried," Alana joked.

"Don't push me, bitch,"

Alana walked to the Barrier. Making her SOUL appear, she blasted the Barrier again with her magic. The crack grew. She blasted it again. The crack grew bigger. Again. The crack was reaching the walls and ceiling now. She hit it one more time.

The Barrier was destroyed.

Sunlight streamed in through the hall, and Undyne smiled. "I'm glad I trusted ya, kid,"

"I'm not a kid..."

Undyne called everyone and Alphys, Papyrus, Mettaton, Sans, Alana and even Toriel walked through the Barrier and onto the Surface with her. Everywhere, as far as the eye could see, was emptiness. There were no houses, no people, no nothing. Everyone looked confused.

"What? This is the Surface. For as long as history goes, there was war. There was disease and famine and death, and now because of it, most humans are dead. That's how my mom died. That's how everyone died. In fact, I don't doubt that there are more monsters than humans. I'm sorry you never got the memo that while you were living down there, no bombs threatening to destroy your home every living waking moment, we were all killing each other like brutes,"

"But Alana! If you had told us, then we wouldn't leave the Underground!" Alphys asked. 

"Would you have believed me? Would everyone here except for Papyrus, Toriel, and maybe Mettaton have believed me? No, you wouldn't. But you don't need to worry about your safety. The war is over. There's no one left to fight with. In fact, every single human, every one was leaving to inhabit another planet. You have the place to yourselves. I promise you I had no motive besides to free you all. The only problem was that you would have thought I was bringing you into war. So I had to lie in order get you freedom. It was the easiest way,"

"Like I said. You have the place to yourselves. I'm the only human left,"


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