In this AU, it's after Frisk's neutral run, and Frisk never RESET. Frisk and Chara had a child in the Underground, and a girl named Alana (The name means 'harmony') was born on the surface, raised by Frisk. Alana's SOUL is unique, with the left side blood red, filled with Frisk's DETERMINATION. But the right side is pitch black, covered in Chara's HATE. These two traits are balanced in Alana's SOUL, and she struggles to maintain her harmony. When Alana is a teenager, Frisk sadly dies, leaving her daughter to grieve. But years later, the adult Alana goes looking for the mountain and the underground race her mother told her so many stories about...


8. LustFell

Alana headed through the snow, walking along and avoiding any and all monsters. After multiple miles, Alana felt someone tapping her shoulder. She turned around only to be knocked out. A while later, she woke up in what looked like a version of Sans' and Papyrus' shed. She was tied by rope to a chair, and she couldn't move. A moment later, she heard a door open and close. Lifting her head, she saw Sans grinning at her at the doorway. He walked towards her, starting to speak.

"I don't think you understood yesterday. I always get my way, whether you like it or not,"

"What are you-"

Sans shoved her face first onto the ground. She tried to defend herself, but she didn't have a weapon and Sans was using his magic to hold her down. He hit and kicked Alana, causing gashes and bruises to form all over her body. A drip of blood was running down her face, and she was screaming in agony.

"I don't think my message is getting clear to you. Maybe I need a... different approach," Sans sneered.

Sans started to undo his belt. Alana, realizing what he was doing, screamed again and started to shimmy desperately away, still tied up. She was too weak to walk, and he immediately grabbed her by the hair, slamming her head on a nearby mirror, causing it to shatter. Alana's head went fuzzy, her vision black at the edges and her muscle control weak.

"Sans," she whispered.

No, she thought. This monster doesn't deserve to be called Sans. Sans is sweet and kind. This monster is lustful, and he has fallen from the beauty and goodness of monsterkind. This monster was... LustFell.

LustFell pulled off his pants and stripped the numb and weak Alana. But she was still conscious enough to see and feel him shoving himself inside of her. Her mind was racing, and tears were mixing with the flow of blood down her face. She could barely move, and yet she was kicking, hitting, biting, doing everything she could to get Lustfell away from her. After what felt like hours, Alana fell unconscious. LustFell fucked her limp body, grinning at her blood on his hands.

Alana woke up in extreme pain, choking up blood. Her mind slowly processed what had just happened. She was in too much pain to make it out of the shed, much less the Barrier. Even if she could get there, she wouldn't be able to destroy it in that state. Alana made her SOUL appear, gasping at the crack in her SOUL. It went straight down the line where her DETERMINATION met her HATE. The crack almost completely went through her SOUL. Alana didn't know what to do until a thought struck her. Her mission had been to free the Underground, and ever since she had started being transported to different Alternate Universes, Alana had been freeing those Universes too. But now, she didn't want to. At least, not this universe. Why would a Sans ever do that? Sighing, Alana reached for the nearest sharp object. It was a glass fragment that had broken from the mirror LustFell had slammed her into. Lifting it to her chest, she stabbed her heart.

Unfortunately, SAVE points and death were the only way to RESET. Seeing as she was nowhere near a SAVE, Alana had to kill herself. Pressing TRUE RESET, Alana woke up in a bed of golden flowers. She sat up, looking around. Hopefully this Alternate Universe wouldn't be like the last one. She looked at her SOUL, not surprised that her SOUL was in the same state as the last time she had looked. She sighed. Breaking the Barrier would be a lot harder for Alana this time around. Standing up, she started towards the next room, expecting a Flowey. Instead she got...

"Temmie? What in the actually fuck are you doing here?"

"Howdy! I'm Temmie. Temmie the Tem. Hmm, you're new to the-"

"Cut the shit, Asriel. I'm out of here,"

She left the room, finding Asgore walking up to her in a robe like Toriel's. What in the actual hell was going on? Alana rushed past him, racing into his house. Looking in the mirror in the hallway, she got confused. Her clothes were a exactly the same as her clothes from the first AU, but... mirrored. Her red highlight was on the opposite side of her head, as was everything else. Shrugging, Alana raced downstairs, out the door, and into the snow. Running along, she heard the stick break as usual. Once she got to the bridge, Alana turned around. Her eyebrows raised to her hairline. A slouching, smoking, sweat-shirt wearing Papyrus was walking towards her.

"Hey 'a, kiddo. I'm-"

"Papyrus. Papyrus the skeleton," she said slowly.

"Yeah, how did you figure that out in your skull?" Alana started to put two and two together.

Temmie and Flowey were swapped. Asgore and Toriel were swapped. Papyrus and Sans were swapped. They had all swapped roles and personalities. It was just a guess, but she had an idea as to why her clothes and hair were swapped too.

"Have you... ever heard of Chara?"

"Yeah. She was the last human to fall here,"

Alana smirked. She was right. Chara was her mom while Frisk her dad in this AU. It was also probable that her SOUL was mirrored, explaining why her bang was on the opposite side of her hair.

"Well, she was my mom," Alana said.

"That's quite a bomb to drop, kid,"

"Not a kid," she said, rolling her eyes at the amount of times she's had to say that. "I'm just a midget that's your age,"

"Sorry, couldn't hear you from down there," Papyrus grinned.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. You're a comedy genius," Alana said sarcastically.

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but that's my brother up there. I have an idea. Go through-"

"Go through this gate thingy. Yeah, go right through. My bro made the bars too wide to stop anyone. Is that what you were going to say? That is, before you have me go behind conveniently shaped lamp,"

"So, I'm guessing your mom told you about us, huh,"

"Yeah. And nah, I'm not gonna go behind the lamp. I'm too much of a lazybones,"

Papyrus chuckled as Sans came running up. "IS THAT A HUMAN? GOOD JOB, PAPYRUS!"

Alana hoped this Sans wouldn't be like the last one

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