In this AU, it's after Frisk's neutral run, and Frisk never RESET. Frisk and Chara had a child in the Underground, and a girl named Alana (The name means 'harmony') was born on the surface, raised by Frisk. Alana's SOUL is unique, with the left side blood red, filled with Frisk's DETERMINATION. But the right side is pitch black, covered in Chara's HATE. These two traits are balanced in Alana's SOUL, and she struggles to maintain her harmony. When Alana is a teenager, Frisk sadly dies, leaving her daughter to grieve. But years later, the adult Alana goes looking for the mountain and the underground race her mother told her so many stories about...


1. Crack

Alana woke up in a bed of golden flowers, and she gasped. Everything looked just like it did in her mom's stories. Standing up, she headed to the next room. Sitting there was Flowey the flower.

"Howdy! I'm-"

"Flowey the flower, I know,"

Flowey looked confused. "How did you know I who I am?"

"I'm Frisk and Chara's daughter,"

Flowey was shocked. Before he could ask further questions, Toriel appeared, blasting her soulless son with her magic. "What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent-"

"Youth? Yeah, no. I'm an adult, and I'm here because I wanted to see if my mom told me the truth about the Underground,"

Alana ran off, leaving Toriel in shock. She ran through the Ruins, solving all of the puzzles with ease. She went into Toriel's house, down the stairs, and out into the snow. Alana ran towards the bridge with the wide bars, hoping Sans the skeleton would greet her. She heard the crack of a stick, and smiled. Stopping at the bridge, she turned around to see a skeleton as short as her walking up towards her. Alana smiled, stuck out her hand, and spoke.

"Hi. I'm Alana, and I'm Frisk and Chara's daughter," If skeletons had eyebrows, Sans' would be raised. "Yeah, I know it's a lot to take in. Look, I came to the Underground because my mom... Frisk... told me so many stories about the underground kingdom, trapped here. I... I think I can help with that,"

Alana made her SOUL appear, causing Sans to get even more confused. "I've never seen anything like this before. But... why do you think you can help us get our freedom?"

"Well, my SOUL has the power of two powerful humans. This is because Chara and Frisk both had SOULs stronger than any other human or monster. Combine that power, and you get this. It's doubtful, but I might be able to break the barrier on my own. If not... then try if you want to take it... but you won't win,"

"So you're saying that you risked your life for a tiny chance of freeing us?"

"Basically, yeah,"

"And how do you know you'll be able to stop us from taking your SOUL?"

"Because I won't die. You can come at me with the armies Undyne has hidden in her sleevies, but I. Won't. Die. Once. I have the DETERMINATION to come back, and the HATE to kill all of you, but I won't die, and I won't hurt anyone,"

Sans grinned. "You sure seem confident. You wanna test that theory?"

"Fight me, jackass. Although, you won't. You're too much of a lazybones,"

His grin widened. "You got me. Well, how 'bout we go to Grillby's? The cold is giving me the chills,"

"Right down to the bone," the pair said in unison.

Laughing, Sans teleported them both directly into the doorway of Grillby's restaurant. Alana swayed. "Damn, Mom told me your teleporting took some getting used too, but I didn't realize it would be this much. I'm losing my balance,"

Sans chuckled, but cut off when he saw her start to fall. "Oh, shit..."

He caught her just in time, and Sans led her to a booth. "You okay?"

"No, I'll be fine. Rooms' not spinning at the speed of light anymore, so that's good,"

Before Sans could respond, the door slammed open, and a very angry goat mom stood at the doorway.

"Where's my child?" She screamed.

Alana groaned. "Ah. Fuck. Yeah, probably shouldn't have left the conversation with 'Goat Mom' so abrupt. If Hell exists, then she's sending me to it,"

She raised her hand, the rest of her body slumped on the table from Sans' "shortcut." Toriel came bounding over, hugging Alana.

"Are you okay, my child? What did this monster do to you?" Toriel turned her attention to the sheepish skeleton.

"I'm fine. Just teleportation sickness, basically. I'm not injured, and for the last. Fucking. Time. I'M NOT A FUCKIN' KID! I'm an adult, I'm named Alana, and the only excuse you had for thinking I was a kid was that I'm a midget like Sans!"


"Sorry... Funny midget," Alana joked.

"That's not really better, but whatever," Sans replied.

Toriel let her go, and she slumped herself against the table again, groaning. She mumbled something to the extent of "Great, you made it worse," and a lot of swear words.

"You kiss your mama with that mouth?" A monster sitting behind them asked Alana.

"My mom's dead, so no," she grumbled in response.

Toriel was confused. "I'm going to need a lot of explanations, my chi- Alana,"

"I'm Frisk's daughter. I was born on the Surface, and my dad is Chara. Ya' know, you're dead son? Well, Chara's... memory... was kind of in Frisk, and one birds and the bees later, I'm here. That's why I know the answers to the puzzles from earlier. Also, weren't you exiled by Undyne?"

Toriel was silent for a moment. "I'm still very confused, but if that is your story, then I believe it. And yes, I am in exile. Which means that I need to leave before I'm arrested. Speaking of which, you need to stay away from Queen Undyne, alright? I believe this is goodbye, at least for now... Alana,"

Toriel gave Alana a hug before leaving. "Well, Undyne's probably gonna be here any moment to kill me and take my SOUL, so we better leave before more property damage occurs. Grillby already looks pissed,"

"Good idea. We didn't even order anything," Sans replied.

Alana reached behind Grillby's counter, grabbing two bottles of ketchup. Handing them to Sans, she smiled. "That should do it,"

The pair left to find Undyne running towards them in her armor.

"Called it," Alana muttered.

Undyne stopped in front of them and made a blue spear appear.

Smirking, she spoke. "Good job, Sans. Looks like you actually did your job for once,"

"Actually, no. You aren't gonna hurt the human." Sans stepped in front of Alana only to have her push him aside.

"Don't worry, Sans. Save your Gaster Blaster for a Genocide run. You just let the big girls handle this one, okay?"

Undyne's smile grew. "Sending Sans off so that you can fight me yourself? How cowardly,"

Alana was confused. "How- how is that cowardly?"

"Because... suicide is the coward's way out,"

"Nice burn. But you'll be making a lot less roasts and a lot more screams when my foot is firmly in your ass,"

"Pretty big words coming from someone that needs a ladder to reach the top of the shelf,"

Alana opened her mouth to speak, but closed it again. She sighed in disappointment.

"Damn it. Well, looks like I'm wasting my time. I thought I'd have some fun, but looking at your STATS, I could kill you by accident,"


"Hey, Sans. Could you teleport us to the Barrier? I wanna try that thing now," Sans stood up, as he had been napping in the snow.


And in just a moment, they were gone. Undyne was left alone, making distressed fish noises. The two appeared in a glowing hall, and Alana walked towards the Barrier. Pulling out her SOUL, she hit the wall trapping the monsters underground with her magic. A large crack formed, and she did it again. Again and again, until Alana had no energy left in her.

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck, FUCK! It looks like we're gonna be here a little longer,"

"So, you can't break the Barrier?" Sans asked.

"No, I definitely can. Those cracks aren't gonna heal, so once I have my energy up, I'll start at it again. Looking at the damage I already caused, it's highly probable that I'll be able to break it the next time I try. But for now, I need to sleep. That took a lot out of me,"

"I know a place,"

And the only proof there was that Sans and Alana had ever gone to the Barrier was a large crack and a note left by them.


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