In this AU, it's after Frisk's neutral run, and Frisk never RESET. Frisk and Chara had a child in the Underground, and a girl named Alana (The name means 'harmony') was born on the surface, raised by Frisk. Alana's SOUL is unique, with the left side blood red, filled with Frisk's DETERMINATION. But the right side is pitch black, covered in Chara's HATE. These two traits are balanced in Alana's SOUL, and she struggles to maintain her harmony. When Alana is a teenager, Frisk sadly dies, leaving her daughter to grieve. But years later, the adult Alana goes looking for the mountain and the underground race her mother told her so many stories about...


3. Alternate Universe

"Why- why did you save us all? Why didn't you go with the rest of the humans?" Alphys asked.

"Because the human race is an abomination," Everyone was silent.

Alana sighed. "Don't worry Sans, I'm not like Chara. But over the years, I've learned a lot about us humans. I've learned that there isn't a single thing we've ever done that doesn't have a bad side about it. We're selfish, we're murderers, we hate everything we don't understand. I don't want to be near anyone like that,"

And so monsters inhabited Earth. They created lives for themselves, and Alana ended up moving in with Sans and Papyrus. Monsters were finally free, and because humans were gone, they were peaceful.


The alarm on Alana's phone rang out with a loud sound. She groaned before silencing it. Slowly sitting up, she yawned and got out of bed. Alana put on a tank top, some pants and a leather jacket. After brushing her hair and teeth, she went downstairs to make some breakfast. Papyrus was there waiting for her.


"It's Alana," she mumbled for the thousandth time.

Papyrus didn't seem to have heard her. "I MADE YOU SOME SPAGHETTI FOR BREAKFAST!"

Alana mentally grimaced. "Nah, that's okay, Pap. I'm just gonna make myself some coffee,"

She made some black coffee and was off to Grillby's, sipping it as she walked. Arriving at the closed restaurant, Alana pulled out her key and unlocked it.

"Hey, Grillby," she greeted while putting on an apron.

"Hello, Alana," the owner of the popular restaurant replied. "Where did you get that coffee?"

Alana grinned. "Don't worry, I'm not a traitor. I made this at home, it's not from Muffet's,"

The flame monster sighed in relief. "Good,"

Muffet's Bakery had been at competition with Grillby's ever since they moved to the Surface, seeing as the restaurants were extremely close to each other. Alana would never tell Grillby, but she did sometimes get pastries from there. They opened the shop and soon customers were piling in. Grillby was the bartender while Alana would usually cook. But they did change jobs for one reason; Alana had... a thing  for Sans. Grillby always switched with her whenever he saw the punny skeleton walking through the door. Alana just hoped that Sans hadn't figured it out yet.

At noon, Sans walked in for brunch. Alana grinned.

"How come you got up so early?" She asked Sans.

"How could ya' tell I'm up early?" He yawned.

"One, your shirt is on backwards. Two, you're yawning. And three, I usually don't see you for a few hours,"

Sans mumbled 'shit' before going to the bathroom to fix his shirt. He came back to find a burger, some fries and a bottle of ketchup.

"Thanks, kiddo,"

"For the last time, Sans. I'm your age," Alana reminded him.

"Yeah, but still,"

"I'm taller than you by almost a foot," she pointed out. "I should be calling you  kiddo, kiddo,"

"Don't remind me. And don't ever call me that," Sans groaned.

Two hours later, Sans got up to leave. "Well, I'll see ya' later Alana,"

Alana bit her lip. "Hey, Sans?"

He turned around. "What's shakin' bacon?"

"I... I was wondering if you wanted to... go out tonight?"

Sans looked surprised. "Sure! When do you want to go?"

Alana started to say when her shift ends, but Grillby cut her off. "She's free right now, actually,"

"But I don't get off until-"

"Alana, if you don't take this chance, I will  fire you," Grillby whispered.

Alana froze. "Alright, then. Let's get going,"

Alana took off her apron and soon Sans and her were walking around, chatting.

"So, where do you want to go?" She asked.

Sans smirked. "I have an idea,"

He grabbed her hand, warping into a dark room with her. Alana was sweating.

"Damn it, Sans. Give me a warning before you do that,"

"Sorry," he chuckled.

"So where are we?" She looked around.

Alana surveyed the dark room they were in, realizing where they were. Surrounding them were Echo Flowers.

"It's so pretty," she whispered.

"Go and see what they say,"

Alana walked up to the closest flower, and started to listen.

"Since the first day I met you,"

The next flower started to whisper.

"I knew that you have every SOUL trait there is,"

Each flower said a different compliment. in unison.

"You're brave,"

"You persevere,"

"You're patient,"

"You have integrity,"

"You're kind,"

"You believe in justice,"

"You're determined,"

Another flower started to speak.

"I knew that your personality is unique and amazing,"

New flowers each said more compliments.

"You're funny,"

"You're smart,"

"You're selfless,"

"You stand up for what's right,"

"You're beautiful,"

"And I knew that..."

Everything was silent for a moment. The last flower in the room broke it.

"B e h i n d  y o u," the blue flower said slowly.

Alana turned around.

"I knew that I love you," Sans said.

She froze. Sans was blushing. Upon the silence, he started to think his feelings weren't mutual. Sans started to apologize for making Alana uncomfortable when she kissed him. Skeletons don't have lips, but that didn't stop her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he put his around her waist. Several minutes later, they released.

Sans started to speak when she collapsed. "Alana? Alana!"

She was unconscious and her forehead was very hot. Sans warped them both back to his house, setting her on his bed and calling Alphys. When the stuttering doctor arrived, she examined Alana.

"So? Can you help her?" Sans asked in desperation.

Alphys was silent. "I'm sorry, Sans. There's nothing I can do,"

Years later, monsters still tell their children this story:

A long time ago, a human jumped into the Underground.

Grinning at her fall, she moved along through the Ruins and into the snow.

Sans the skeleton heard Alana's footsteps.

He brought her to the Barrier.

Over time, she was able to destroy the Barrier.

Sans and Alana grew very close.

The Surface was full of hope.

Then... One day...

She became very ill.

The terminal Alana had only one request.

To see the flowers from where she fell.

But there was nothing we could do.

The next day...

The next day...

The human died.

Sans, wracked with grief, enclosed her SOUL in a special container.

He transformed into a being with immense sadness.

With her body, Sans crossed into the Underground.

He carried Alana's body into the Ruins.

Back to the bed of flowers from where she fell.


Alana woke up in a bed of golden flowers. She looked around her, realizing that she was back where she started. It looked as if everything had RESET. She stood up, walking to the next room. She expected to find a malicious Flowey, but instead she found one a lot more... Kind and... broken. As realization dawned upon her, she thought; Oh, fuck. I'm in an Alternate Universe.


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