Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


8. 8


Harry's point of view...

I was giddy as hell. Louis was coming to pick me up to go to his place for dinner. I kept checking the mirror, wanting to look my best. My mum came up and smiled at me, "Hot date?" I blushed. "Kinda.." I mumbled.

My doorbell rang and I actually squealed. I bolted downstairs and calmed down a little just as I opened the door, so Louis wouldn't think I was a total spaz. "Hey Haz." He greeted me.

"Hey Lou." I heard footsteps behind me and saw my mum smiling. "Oh Louis this is my mum." Louis extended his hand, "Nice to meet you ma'am." She shook his hand and said, "Call me Anne, love."

We chatted for a while with my mum before Louis and I went to his car, and began driving to his place. He smiled at me for a moment and I felt my cheeks flush. "You're staring at me again." I mumbled. He bit his lip and looked back on the road, "Sorry. You look great tonight Harry."

"Thanks, you too." Did he just say I looked great? After 2 hours of getting ready I thought I looked like a slob. He on the other hand looked like a god...

In about half an hour we reached his apartment. "I was thinking we could order in. What do you like?" He asked me. I smiled, "Anything is fine with me." He was so thoughtful... Okay Harry stop gushingI thought to myself.

We reached his door and he lead me inside where I took off my converse and followed him into the living room. "Drink?" Louis asked me. "I'm okay now, thanks." We sat on the couch and surprisingly he started running his fingers through my curls. I felt my cheeks go really hot and I looked down, "Louis, w-what are you doing?"

He smiled, his thumb resting on my cheek. "Stroking your hair, Harry." I swallowed and continued looking down. He then tilted my head up and whispered, "Look at me. I like seeing your eyes." I smiled faintly and blushed again. He smiled back.

I leaned into him and rested my head against his chest. I felt so safe in his arms, my sadness and my problems seemed to melt away whenever Louis was holding me. He slipped his hand into mine and whispered, "Harry. Be my boyfriend?"

The question surprised me.

We only knew each other for... Well two months online but only a couple of days in real life. I didn't know what to say. My head said to take it slow but my heart was screaming yes. "Louis I... Yes I.. I would love to." I finally stammered out.

He breathed a sigh of relief and held me close, "Harry I dont know what it is. But around you, I feel like I can say anything. Do anything. I feel like I can truly be me. I dont have many people I can really talk to Haz... You've become my rock these past two days. Seeing you and holding you just like this, it makes me feel like I can do anything."

I turned my head to look at him and slowly pressed my lips against his. There was no need for words. This kiss showed how much I cared for the boy I met online. The boy I was too scared to meet and show my face to. But look at me now. I'm kissing this blue eyed angel. 

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