The Case of the Living Doll sequel

(Y/n) has infiltrated the college and was placed there by the mysterious principal, helping the P4 every chance she can. Then Ciel comes to investigate the college.

Will this once living doll be discovered and can she protect the mysterious principal?


1. P4

Ciel had been given a mission to investigate the strange happenings that had been going on in Weston College.

A college that was established near the Thames, and was Britain's most impressive public school.

A feeling of nervousness came over the young earl as he straightened his top hat, and looked up at the towering school building.

No matter what, first impressions are vital. I have to keep it together.

He made to step forward but an eruption of murmurs from the other students attracted his attention...


"He stepped on the lawn!"

"I can't believe it; he's not even one of the P4!"

"Ah look, there they are!" Another one shouted pointing away from where Ciel was.

The crowd became denser as they tried catching a glimpse of the group coming towards them.

"It's the P4!"

"And isn't that (y/n) with them?" One of them asked.

"She's so pretty."

A group of four boys and one girl slowly made their way towards the crowd of people. Their good looks and status caused a commotion amongst the people.

Ciel felt a sense of foreboding as he felt someone's eyes on him.

He glimpsed the girl - who looked familiar to him - whisper something in one of the guys ears and he turned sharp eyes towards Ciel.

The guy rushed at Ciel, and grabbed him roughly by the tie, pulling the shorter male towards him.

Ciel braced himself, thinking he was going to be hit, but it never came.

"Your tie is crooked." The taller male smiled gently at him.

"What's your name?"


"That's right. I heard from the principal that there would be a new student coming to the house today, Is that you?"

(Y/n) smiled at the mention of the principal, and masked it as though she was smiling sweetly at the newcomer. It was only the P4 that understood the precise meaning behind that smile.

"Well, at least try remembering to obey the school rules." The one with glasses spoke up. 

"The only ones allowed to cross the lawn are prefects or those granted permission by them."

"Hurry up and get inside. The sun is too bright out here." This time it was the guy wearing a black cloak, and had even blacker lips, who spoke next. 

The guy who had straightened Ciel's tie, poked him on the forehead and said, "look out from now on, Phantomhive."

They then walked away from the now confused boy and the dispersing crowd, (y/n) followed behind them. Not before turning back and smiling meaningfully at Ciel.

Who is she?

Realisation then dawned on him...

Wait! Isn't that?

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