The fall wasn't meant to happen. That part, at least, wasn't planned.
But now, Luke's stuck in a limbo between dream and nightmare and the bottle in his pocket seems to be able to say a lot more about the incident than he can.
However, when reality does begin to sink in in Luke's mind, it's all anyone can do to stop him from letting go of everything - Forever...That is, if people can begin to care...


10. An Escape Plan

As I, deep down, knew, things between me and my, now ex, friends didn't get better; If anything, they got worse. Leonardo and Murphy hated me and would do anything in their power to make my life hell. In year eight, the bullying started. Little things, at first, petty things: a trainer gone missing from my gym bag; a can of coke accidentally spilt over my books at lunch. Sometimes things would go missing from my locker, but no one ever noticed. I didn't tell. There wasn't any point as none of the evidence counted against the gang. They played their cards well. Very well. But slowly, the little, petty things started to build up, get worse. When the notes started coming, I began to buckle under the weight of it all. Slips of paper saying things like "dumb cow" or "baby" started being posted and stuck everywhere: on my food tray, my back, shoved through the gaps in my locker; one even found its way into my geography test paper. They were mean, yes, but, at first, the notes were harmless. That is, they were harmless until they got worse. One, cold, drizzling day in November, I opened my locker, well (I hoped) for another day of Hell, and not one, not six, not twelve but twenty-nine notes fell out, splayed all over the floor like a hord of confetti. Even though I knew I shouldn't, knew that that would be the stupidest way to let Leonardo Dobinskii hurt me, I picked up one and unfolded it. "Go slit your wrists you crack head."

I planned to escape school that day. I couldn't take it anymore. 

But, of course, Leo and the others stopped me.

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