The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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18. The secret prince



 "Drink this, it will help the baby grow stronger and make the birth less risky for both of you". Ubuntu hands me a small glass and I drink it. After seeing him save Ben I trust him completely. "Maybe I should ask you to give me something to get rid of the baby instead".

 "Is that what you wish for little one ?" He looks at me curiously, his eyes are the palest blue, which looks kind of weird with his ivory skin.

 I shake my head slowly, feeling the tears spill down my cheaks again. "But Ben has to step up to his responsibilities, to be the king he was born to be. And that means leaving me, leaving the baby behind. I know he will make sure we are taken well care of, but it will still be hard".

 "You didn't choose an easy path to wander down little one". He say, looking at me. "But I have seen you with your prince and I see something that is rare, true and pure love. No matter what obstacles life and his obligations will put between you, you can be sure he will always make sure you and the child are cared for. Not many men are like that, especially not the ones with power. Just see his uncle".

 "What is it with his uncle ?" I have seen his uncle only twice. He seems a hard and cruel man. And well everyone saying that he was behind Ben getting poisoned kind of make me hate him.

 He sit down on the bench and claps beside him. I sit down. "I had just arrived in this country back then, it must be almost 24 years ago, the old king was still on the throne then. The king was crown prince but he was much like his son, maybe even worse. He didn't want to marry and settle down, he didn't want the throne".

 "I can't even imagine. I mean he seems so.. kingly now". So the king had been very much like Ben as a young man.

 Ubuntu nods. "Yeah he has grown with the responsibility. But back then, the old king was actually setting the younger brother up to be king instead. Problem was he had married a young girl in secret, he was young and in love and she got pregnant. A priest married them. But when his father came to say that the throne most likely would be his, the girl Rose and his little baby boy was in the way".

 "But if he was married to her, if he loved her. He must have loved his son. How could they be in the way ?" I feel a lump growing in my throat.

 He sighs. "He loved power more. He ordered them both murdered and married a suitable wife. That is why he hates his brother so much. He sacrificed everything to be king and then his brother fell in love with a princess, married her and stepped up to his responsibilities and he got nothing".

 "But they died ? His young wife and the little baby boy. They were killed ?" I feel even more like crying. At least I know Ben will always care for us, even love us no matter what.

 He shakes his head slowly. "No, she got away. I helped her find a place to hide. She is death now, never really got over her broken heart. But the boy, he is out there somewhere".

 "So if this boy, well young man was found.. he would be third in line to the throne ?" I ask. Wow this is big. I wonder if the man even know who he really is.

 He nods. "Yes, as they were legally married, he would be third in line for the throne. If of course he wanted to step up to take the responsibility".

 I ask him a few more questions and thank him for telling me this. I suddenly have a lot to do. I just hope things will turn out rigth and luck will be on my side.


 A week later


 I am sitting in my office, thinking. I spend most my time thinking these days. Still undecided what to do. When there is a scramble outside and Tom tumbles through my window. "Tom !? What are you doing here ?"

 "Oh hi Ben. I need to talk to you before we officially arrive, so I rowed ashore". He says and I get up to hug him. I am happy that he has safely returned, even though it means I have to make my decision very soon.

 He hugs me back and I sit back down, looking at him. "So what is it Tom. The way you come sneaking in like this tells me it is serious".

 "It is Ben. Very much serious. I have fucked up royally". He bite his lip. "I am sorry, but I can't deliver the princess to you".

 "What happened Tom ? Is she okay ? Did something happen ?" I feel both panicked and relieved, maybe I don't have to choose at all. But then what about the country.

 He runs a hand through his hair. "She is fine and she is on the ship. But.. shit I love her, I'm sorry I didn't plan this. But I love her and she loves me".

 "Shit Tom". I stare at him in shock. Can I be mad at him ? No of course not. I know how love works and feels. If I feel anything it is sorry for him. "This mess just keeps getting bigger".

 "Which mess ? Are you telling me that things haven't been running smoothly while I was gone ?" He looks at me curiously.

 I lean back in my chair. "Well, lets see.. Except for me falling in love with the most amazing woman, who unfortunately happens to be a servant. Phipp trying to rape her and then he attacked me, and I had to kill him. And my uncle trying to kill me with poison and almost succed. Oh and that now I have to choose between the woman I love and my child she is carrying and the safety and prosperity of the entire kingdom. But other than that, everything is just peachy".

 "Holy shit Ben. I am so sorry to just complicate it even further". He slumps down on a chair. "Fuck this is a big mess. What are you going to do ?"

 "Will you allow me to come with you and talk to the princess ? Let her make her own decision ?" I ask him.

 He nods and gets up. "Yeah. I am not forcing her to do anything, one way or another, believe me it wouldn't work. Just a warning, she is no prissy little princess". He says grinning, rubbing his cheek.

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