Will Regina Mills finally get the happiness she deserves? Will she stop having to do things for others?


6. Epilouge

Chapter 6: Epilogue


            Every great story must come to an end and mine ends…differently from what you would expect since I left off not even married to Graham. I did marry Graham and six months into our marriage…Graham died. He left me six months pregnant. Three months after his death I brought a healthy and beautiful blue-eyed brunette into the world and I named her Vanessa Adrianne. She’s the joy of my life.

            A year later at Emily’s wedding I meet Robin Hood and his son Roland. Robin and I immediately hit it off and within months become engaged. At our wedding Snow sings, Victoria sings, Emily sings, Sophia sings, Liliana sings and Vanessa…sweet Vanessa sings. Roland isn’t a singer…like his father. My four grandchildren are also present at the wedding. Emma’s two, Neil, Emma’s brother, is a newborn and Cadence, Victoria’s daughter, is new as well. Emily has her son Victor as well. Zelena is present and of course her only husband Jackson. The kingdom all hoped that when I got married to Robin that it would be the last time and with the birth of our twins Henry and Alexandra two years ago…I know that Robin will be my last husband. I gave him a son and lived. I also received my happy ending…do you know how I know? Because shortly after I married Robin…my mother Cora, passed away. She said she wouldn’t die until I get my happy ending. I have five lovers and two children buried in the cemetery and I have my true love sitting as king at my side. Sure, Snow’s supposed to be queen but now she’s 26 and she said at my wedding that she was going to wait…she was 22…when she said that.

            At my wedding, my daughters sang a special song for me. My grandchildren didn’t sing…they just giggled and babbled as their fathers held on to them tightly. I can’t believe I’m 42. It took me 25 years…25 years to achieve true happiness…at least now I’m happy. The song my daughters sang still rings in my ears.

“This is your happy ending Momma…

This is what love looks like

We hope and pray

This is the last one…

We hope and pray

This is the first one

We hope and pray this is the

Real one this time

This time is the one that won’t die

We hope and pray

That you’ll have happiness

We pray that you’ll have love

We pray that since this is the real one

That you’ll give him a son…

Mother…we love you and we thank you

For raising us so well

When life was hard, when life was bad…

You managed to make us glad

Today is your wedding day

Today is when all your tears fall away

No more sacrificing your love for us

No more dying every day for us

We want you to be happy

We want to be happy not for us

We want you to be happy for yourself.”

I am truly happy. With Snow, Victoria, Emily, Sophia, Liliana, Vanessa, Henry and Alexandra…I am happy. With Robin and Zelena…I’m happy. With Arthur and Cornelius…buried I am happy. With all my deceased husbands…I am happy. I leave you with this note…I will see them again…I must live life to the fullest and learn that God has a purpose…be patient…be willing to do his work…it took me 25 years to get my happy ending. I should’ve waited…because I didn’t wait…I had to wait even longer. Now I have my children and my husband. I have my kingdom and I have six beautiful grandchildren…so far...with the birth of my son…ends my childbearing days. I won’t bear another child for any other man. I’m just going to sit back with my children and my husband and wait for my grandchildren. Sit back with my sister and wait. Sit back in my throne and wait because patience is the key to everything.


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