The Titans Are Coming

Levi x reader. Reader lost their leg to the first titan attack in the series, but gets a replacement for it and joins the survey corps. Reader's name is Eden.


1. Waiting For Your Return

Eden woke up in the morning to see sunlight streaming in through the window. She reached to her nightstand, grabbing her glasses and putting them on. Slowly standing up, she walked to her closet, putting on her uniform. Looking at the metal brace on her right leg, Eden sighed. During an expedition a Titan almost ate another Survey Corp member. Eden had saved the fellow Corp, but it resulted in her leg being badly chewed by a Titan. She couldn't walk without the brace.

Getting up, she hurried down to the stables after getting ready. she had been asked to supervise some training with Levi, as the regular guy was, and I quote, 'having the sniffles.' Levi was waiting for her, and he stopped cleaning his blades upon noticing her running up to him.

"Still a clean freak, I see,"

"Still annoying me to death, I see,"

I like our little talks, she thought.

Several hours later, they arrived at the training camp. Marching up to the already in formation cadets, they started to break them down, just like their first day of camp.

"You, in the back! Stop slouching!"

"You look scared, mullet head,"

Eden heard a voice in the back. "Why do you have that thing on your leg? Is it a new weapon the Survey Corps are getting?"

She stood there for a moment at the cadet's stupidity. Meanwhile, Levi was snickering like no tomorrow. He whispered "He's gonna get it now," with a smirk on his face.

"No, it's not a weapon. It's actually a dumb ass radar," Eden walked slowly towards the cadet, making beeping noises. She quickened her tempo as she got closer to the dumb kid.

"I knew it worked! Hanji is a genius!"

Eden got a hand raised from a cadet.


"What- what happened to your leg?"

"Oh, I tripped and fell on a sword. What the fuck do you think happened? Fucking Titans happened. Are all of you this stupid?"

Once the lesson a.k.a. 'how to not be a fucking idiot' was over, both of them left the camp. This was because they got a message saying that the instructor would be back the next day. It was early morning when they arrived home. Saying goodbye, Eden headed back to her house. She wasn't able to go to sleep, as Survey Corps had to get up very early each morning. So instead she changed into clean clothes and ran over to the stalls where the rest of the Corps were.

They were all chatting, waiting for her and the other Survey Corps to arrive. Once everyone had arrived, they started training. It was mainly exercise and other stuff like that. Afterward, Eden went over to Levi to talk to him.


Levi turned around before greeting her. "Hello, Eden. How are you doing today?"

"Good. So, how's your leg doing?"

"The same as usual. Not worse, barely better,"

"Well, I don't know much about healing legs, seeing as I can't really heal my leg, but don't you think you need to get some sort of surgery?"

"I'll heal, in time,"

"And if we need you to fight before it's healed?"

"There are others that can fight,"

"True, but only one as good as you,"

Levi smiled. "How much did it hurt giving me that compliment?"

In reply, she flipped him off. Before he could respond, another Survey Corp arrived, summoning them to a meeting with Erwin. During the meeting, they found out that they had a suspect for the Female Titan. They figured out a plan, and soon Eren, Mikasa and Armin were tricking Annie Leonhart into going underground. It didn't go well.

Annie transformed into a humongous titan, wiping out everyone in her path. Eden had been with Levi when it happened, and she put on her ODM in order to go and fight the huge bitch. As she started off, Levi called out.

"I- Hey, Eden,"

She stopped before walking up to him. "What's up?"

He stood there for a moment, trying to think of what to say. After a few moments, he looked defeated, and didn't say what was on his mind.

"Just... Just don't die out there, okay?"

Eden opened her mouth to say it wouldn't happen, but before she could, Levi kissed her. After a few moments, he pulled away, holding Eden's hands in his.

"I'm serious. I need you,"

She smiled before biting her lower lip. "I won't,"

Eden hurried off to fight the Female Titan, leaving Levi waiting for her return

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