Him & I

When Mia goes to a party, and ends up kissing a hot stranger. She thinks life is perfect.
But when the day her sister comes to town arrives. She wished, she could turn back time.


7. Chapter 7.

I woke up when the sun blinded me.
I rubbed my eyes, and looked up. 
Oh no!
I had sex with Ben!
I looked up at him.
He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. 

What is that ringing noise? 
I got up from my bed, and started searching for the ringing. 
I noticed Ben's pants and grapped them. 
I searched the pockets, till i found his phone in one of the pockets. 
4 New Messeges.
10 missed calls from Mary. 

From: Mary. 3.46 AM.
Hey honey,  you've been gone for a while. Where are you? Is Mia okay?

From: Mary. 4.20 AM.
I'm getting worried, where are you??? Call me!!

From: Mary. 6.31 AM.
BENJAMIN! Honey???

From: Mary. 8.10 AM.
I'm worried sick! Where the fuck are you?! CALL ME NOW!

I quickly looked at the clock. 
9.23 AM.

I ran towards my bed, and shook Ben awake. 
"Ben! Ben! Ben!"
He opened his eyes, and smiled at me.
"Hey, why are you shaking me?"
I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration. 
"Mary! Mary is looking for you"
Ben quickly realised what i was saying, got huge eyes and jumped out of the bed. 
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"
I gave him all of his clothes, and looked up at him.
"You gotta go now!"
Ben quickly pulled on his pants, as we heard the frontdoor opening. 
"Mia? Are you home?"
I looked up at Ben.
"FUCK! It's Mary"
Ben quickly pulled on his shirt, an fixed his hair, as he walked out of my room. 
The door was still open, so i could hear everything.
"Omg Ben, what happened to you? You didn't text me back, or call"
I quickly pulled on my sheep pj pants and a white tank top, as i pulled my hair up in a messy bun, and walked towards the frontdoor. 
"It's okay honey. I went to check on Mia, and she was having a huge party. She was really drunk, so i sent everyone home and helped her to bed. I guess i must have fallen asleep"
Mary looked back at me.
"You had a party?! and you got drunk?"
I looked down. 
"Does mom know about this?"
I sighed, and looked up at Mary.
Mary shook her head and looked dissapointed at me.
"I can't believe you Mia. You're so lucky that Ben came, before everything went crazy"
I sighed once again, and walked towards the kitchen for some water.
"Mia, how could you do this?"
I rolled my eyes and took a ship of the water. 
"Shut up, shut up, shut up Mary!"
Mary looked surprised at me.
"I don't need your bullshit, i'm paying with this hangover"
Mary sighed and grapped a placticbag, as she started cleaning up from the party.
I lay down on the couch, and before i knew it.
The entire house was clean. 

"I'm gonna go get us some food. I'll be right back. Mia, you could thank Ben for helping you"
Mary grapped her purse, and walked out the frontdoor.

I sat up, and looked up at Ben.
He walked towards me, and sat down on the couch.

"Mia, i don't know"
I groaned and looked at Ben.
"What Ben? I really don't want to talk about last night"
Ben sighed. 
"Mia, i think we should"
I sighed, as i looked up at him. 
"Ben, we're horrible people. I don't think we should see each other anymore"
Ben took my hand.
"Mia, i love you. Please don't do this to us"
I shook my head.
"What we did, was wrong"
Ben looked mad at me.
"No it wasn't. We're inlove. This is how it's surpose to be"
I shook my head over and over again.
"No Ben. Why can't you see, that we're doing the wrong thing?"
He ran his fingers through his hair, and breath.
"I want to be with you Mia."
I looked down.
"I can't do it Ben, I can't do it to my sister"
I got up, and went for a walk. 

How could i have done this to Mary?
I'm such a fucking horrible person. 
I slept with my big sister's boyfriend. 

I ran. 
I ran towards the dancing studio. 
The only place, where i could truely be alone with my thoughts. 
Just Dance them away Mia. 

As i got to the studio, it was empty.
Understandable, cus it's the summer break. 
I turned on my favorite spotify playlist "DanceItAway"
As i walked towards the middle of the floor, and looked at myself in the mirror, i studied myself for quiet a while, with the music in the background. 

My hair. 
The middle length raven black hair, i'd gotton from my mother. 
My Eyes.
The green eyes, given to me by the man of my nightmares. 
My freckels. 
The freckels, that gave me charisma. 
My dimbels.
The dimbels, that only showed when i pulled a smile. 

The features that made me, the person i was. 
A happy girl. 
A quiet girl. 

All these features had now turned hatred towards myself. 
Mary was so much prettier than i was. 
She had always been.
She had always been the good sister. 
meanwhile i was the quiet one. 

I'd never had a boyfriend.
Ben didn't even know, that he took my virginity. 
Maybe i'd never tell him. 
he'd think i was a freak. 
It didn't even matter.
I was never going to be with him anyways. 
How could i?
Even if he left Mary, i couldn't be with him. 
He was her ex. 
The family dinner parties, was going to be a fucking nightmare. 

I took a deep breathe, and looked into my own eyes one last time, before i closed my eyes, and started dancing to the music. 

I felt so free. 
Dancing made me so relaxed. 
It was like, i was flowding over my own body. 
Like i was watching myself dance the pain away. 

When i finally took a break, i looked at my phone. 
I'd been dancing for 4 hours. 
felt like 30 minutes. 

I sighed, as i grapped my phone, and walked towards home again. 

1 new message. 

From: Camile.
Hey. I'm coming over at 6 PM.

I clicked on my phone, and looked at the time. 
5.30 PM.

I sighed, as i pulled off my clothes, and got into the shower.
I washed my face, and continued around my entire body. 

I finished of by washing my hair, and got out. 
I dried myself, and pulled on a loose dress with flowers on it. 

The doorbell rang, and before i could even react, Camile stood infront of me. 
"Hey you, how is the hangover?"
I rolled my eyes.
"Cam, i fucked up"
She looked confused at me. 
I looked down, and she followed me into the kitchen. 
I filled two cups of coffie, as we sat down at the cooking island. 
"What happened at the party Mia?"
I sighed, and took a sip of my coffie. 
"I had sex with Ben"
Camile got huge eyes, and starred at me.
"You're kidding me, right?"
I slowly shook my head, and looked up at her. 
"I'm serious. I was really drunk, and he was helping me to bed. I don't know what happened, but one thing let to another, and suddently we were having sex"
Camile breath and took a sip of her coffie. 
"That is so fucked up"
I nodded. 
"I'm never talking to Ben again"
Camile rolled her eyes.
"Cam, he said he loved me"
I pushed some of my hair behind my left ear. 
"Do you love him too?"
I sighed and looked at Camile.
"I think so. I've never been inlove before"
I got up from the chair, and walked towards the fridge. 
"Why aren't you with him again?"
I sighed, and gave Camile a cookie. 
"Because he is with Mary. How would you ever want me to take him away from her?"
Camile took her second bite of the cookie and ran her fingers through her hair. 
"Mia, i'm sure that Mary would understand. If you and Ben is meant to be together, then it is, what it is"
I breath, and grapped my phone. 

Suddently we heard the front door open, and Mary walked into the kitchen.
She looked like she had just been crying. 
"Mary, what happened?"
She took a deep breath. 
"Ben and i broke up"
Camile looked at me.
"Wait, what? Why?"
I gave Mary a cup of coffie, and sat down again.
"He said, that he was inlove with someone else"
I looked down. 
"Are you okay Mary?"
Mary took a deep breath, and looked up.
"I'll be okay. Ben found his own apartment, and he is moving in a few days. So i'll stay here until then. We're still friends, but i need a little time"
Camile nodded, and looked at me.
"That seems like a good idea"

Ben had dumped Mary. 
for me?


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