Him & I

When Mia goes to a party, and ends up kissing a hot stranger. She thinks life is perfect.
But when the day her sister comes to town arrives. She wished, she could turn back time.


6. Chapter 6.

I am a horrible person.
How could I have done this to my sister?
My big sister…
The one who protected me when I was scared in the middle of the night…
She had always been there for me, and then I go and do something like this to her?
I’m awful.

I sighed, as my phone rang.
It was Ben…
For the 50th time this week. 
Hadn’t talked to him since that night, a week ago.

“Mia, it’s not your fault”
I sighed as I looked up at Camille looking worried at me.
“I’m awful”
Camille shoke her head and sat down next to me.
“Ben is the one who should have stopped”
I sniffed.
“Ben is only half the problem, I’m the other half”
Camille smiled.
“Mia, can we please go eat now? I’m hungry”
I nodded, and followed Camille into our kitchen.
We sat down at the cooking island, and ate some sandwiches. 
"What are you gonna do?"
I sighed.
"I don't know Camille. I want Mary to be happy."
Camille breath. 
"I don't really think that Ben is going to make her happy, when he doesn't love her"
I ran my fingers through my hair.
"I know, but i can't be with him"
Camille took my hand and looked at me.
"Mia, i understand that you don't want to hurt your sister, but if she loves you, she will understand. You can't just think the worst. You're her baby sister. She will never hate you"
I wiped a tear away from my cheek, and looked at Camille.
"I can't do this"
I got up, and went for a walk.
I needed to dance. I could feel it.

When i got to the dance studio, it looked empty. 
I walked in, and the lights turned on.
When i saw him, i froze. 

I quickly turned around, and started walking out the door. 
Ben ran infront of me, and blocked the door so i couldn't get out. 
"Ben, let me out"
Ben shoke his head.
"No Mia. Please let me talk"
I sighed and looked up at him.
"What do you want Ben?"
Ben took my hand and looked down at me.
"I'm leaving Mary"
I got huge eyes, and pulled my hand away from his.
"Ben, don't leave her."
He sighed.
"But i love you Mia"
I felt the anger running through my body once again.
"No you don't Ben. This is illegal. I could call the cops on you right now and tell them that you kissed me."
Ben shoke his head.
"You wouldn't do that."
I breath and looked up at him.
"No i wouldn't. But can't you see how wrong this is? If people found out about this, you could go to jail, and then i'd never see you again. Ben please. Just leave me alone. It's for the best. We're better off like this. I get to keep my family, and you keep getting the love you desurve from a woman your age."
Ben took my hand again.
but i quickly pulled it away.
"No Ben."
I looked up at him, with the straightest face possible for me at the moment.
"I don't want you Ben, i don't love you. Please leave me alone"
I pushed him away, and walked out the doors.

I don't think i've ever cried this much.
I just ran home.

How could he be like this?
Wanting to leave Mary?
Even if he did, we couldn't be together.

I got home, and for some reason my mom was home from work.
I snifted and wiped away my tears, as i walked into the livingroom where she was sitting.
"Why are you home?"
I looked weird at her.
"Uhm, i have to leave for a little while"
I sat down next to her.
"Hey, you look like you've been crying. What's wrong honey?"
I snifted again.
"I'm fine, don't worry about it. It's fine"
My mom sighed and took my hand.
"You know, you can talk to me Mia"
I nodded and smiled.
"I know mom, i swear it's nothing"
I'd never lied to my mom before. 
It felt terrible.
"Why are you leaving?"
She smiled at me.
"I'm going to paris, for the magazin".
She looked so happy.
"That's so great mom"
I smiled, and hugged her.
"I'll be gone for about 2 weeks, but i'll leave you money, so you can buy food and everything you need"
I nodded and hugged my mom once again.
"When are you leaving?"
She sighed.
"In 30 minutes. My plane is leaving at 2"

I hugged my mom goodbye, and closed the frontdoor as she got into the cap. 
2 weeks without my mom. 
I missed her already. 

I couldn't stop thinking about this whole thing with Ben. 
What if Mary found out?
She would hate me.
I wouldn't blame her, i'd hate me too.

I sat down in the livinroom, and turned on the tv, as i got a text. 

From: Camille
Hey, are you okay?

I sighed, as i replied.

To: Camile.
No, i'm horrible, and now my mom left for paris. She's going to be away for 2 weeks. What do i do?

Camile repiled within seconds. 

From: Camile.
She left? Let's have a party, at your house!

I sighed, and thought about the posibility of a party. 
I'd never tried that before.

To: Camile.
Yeah, what the heck. Let's do it.


Camile came over, as fast as she could. 
"I've invited the entire grade"
I looked at her with huge eyes.
"The entire grade? Holy shit. That's alot of people."
Camile smiled, and walked towards my closet to find me something to wear.
I'd always been bad, at the whole. Fashion thing.
Another thing Mary was better than me at. 

"You should totally wear this!"
Camile pulled out my black tight dress. 
"I haven't worn that, since my granddads funeral"
Camile laughed.
"It's perfect. You have an amazing body. You'll look amazing"
I sighed, as i walked towards Camile and grapped the dress.

"What about alcohol?"
Camile smirked at me.
"I've got that covered. Drew is bringing some"
I nodded slowly, as the doorbell rang.
"This is it"
I looked at Camile, as i opened the frontdoor, and 50 people stormed in. 
Drew and his friends carried the alcohol into the kitchen, and someone turned the music up. 

Before i knew it, my house was filled with people i didn't even know. 
As usual Camile was no where to be found. 

It has gotten pretty late, and i was a littel drunk.
Okay, i was wasted.
I got into the kitchen to grap another beer, when Drew walked towards me.
"Hey Mia"
I smiled and looked up at Drew.
"Oh Hey"
Drew moved in closer, and i started feeling uncomforble. 
"Drew, what are you doing?"
He smirked, and leaned in over me.
"I just thought, that now your sister and my brother is dating. We should think about stuff too. It's the perfect relationship. Plus i've always thought, that you were the fucking sexiest girl in our class"
i looked away and tried to slowly push Drew. 
"Drew, i'm not comforble with this"
He smirked again, and started running his hand up against my thight. 
"Drew please stop"
He kept moving up .
"Shh Mia, i know you want this. I've seen the way you've been looking at me"
He reached the edge of my panties.
I didn't know what to do, i was speachless.

Suddently Drew got pushed away from me.
I didn't look.
"She said stop"
I knew that voice. 
"Relax bro, i was just playing around"
I quickly looked up, and faced Ben.
Drew smirked at me again.
"What's wrong with you Drew?"
Ben looked mad. 
"What? It's her own fault. She has been playing hard to get all year"
Ben started pushing Drew.
"Don't you ever touch her again, or i will make you regret it"
Drew lifted both his arms, in defense and walked away. 

Ben looked down at me, and grapped my vrist. 
"Are you okay?"
I slowly nodded.
I felt it coming. 

"I don't feel to good"
I quickly ran towards the bathroom, and smacked the door behind me, as i stared throwing up into the toilet. 
Suddently someone started knocking on the door.
"Mia? Are you okay?"
It was Camile.
She opened the door, and grapped my hair, so i wouldn't puke all over it.

"Is she okay?"
I looked up and made eyecontact with Ben.
He walked out the bathroom, and suddently the music stopped. 
Everyone started walking out the frontdoor, and before we knew it. 
Everything was quiet.

"I really have to go. My mom is waiting outside. I'll text you tomorrow. Night Mia"
Camile got up, and walked out the frontdoor. 

Had i just puked infront of Ben?

"Mia, let's get you to bed"
Ben grapped my arm, and pulled me up from the floor. 
He guided me into my bedroom, and started taking off my shoes.
"Wait, i can undress myself"
Ben looked weird at me.
"Okay brainy, let me see then"
I smirked and stood up from my bed. 
Ben sat down and looked at me, as i started pulling off the other shoe.
He got quiet. 
I looked down at him, with the most intense eyes i possible could.
I bite my lowerlip, as i pulled my dress over my head, and threw it on the ground. 
Ben licked his lips and looked up at me.

I ran my hands down my black tight lace bra, and lower onto the matching lace panties.
I looked down at him again.
He took a deep breath.
"Do you like it?"
Ben licked his lips once again, without saying a word.
I walked towards him, and got closer.
I pushed him down, and crawled on top of him.
"Mia, what are you doing to me?"
I smirked, and shh'ed him. 
"Shhh, Don't talk"
I grapped his hand, and placed it on my left breast.
He sighed and pushed some of my hair behind my left ear. 
"Why won't you touch me?"
I sat on top of him, and looked down.
"Mia, you have no idea how bad i want to touch every inch of you"
I bite my lower lip once again, and pulled off my lace bra. 
"I had no idea, that you had a nipple piercing"
I smirked.
"I like to express myself this way"
Ben took another deep breath.
"Ben, i want you to touch me"
He looked scared at me.
"Are you sure?"
I nodded slowly, and pushed my hair back. 

He ran his hands down from my neck, towards my breasts and continued down my stomach. 
He grapped my hips, with so much strength and kept moving on to my ass.
He sighed, as he grapped my ass and looked up at me.
"Keep going"
I licked my lips, as i felt him moving towards the end of my panties.
He slid his fingers over my inner thighs, and moved further and further.
I could feel his warm hands on my clit, on the outside of my panties.
I gasped, and bed my lower lip trying not to moan.
"You have an amazing body Mia"
I bent down, and started kissing his neck. 
He quietly started moaning in my ear. 
I pulled off his shirt, and studied all of the tattoos in his chest. 
He grapped me, and rolled over, so i was the one laying on the edge of my bed. 
He grabbed my right breast, and started slowly driving his tongue in circular movements around my nipple.
I let out a soft moan, as i grapped his hair and started pulling a bit. 
I felt him kissing me. 
First my breast, then my stomach, further towards my bellybutton, and lower down. 
He pulled off my panties, and grapped both of my legs.
He placed them on his shoulders, as i felt his warm breath on my clit. 

I once again grapped his hair, as i felt his wet tongue on me. 
He licked gently on my clit, as i felt a finger circling around my opening.
The finger entered me, as i let go of a loud moan. 
I felt his tongue move around my clit, as he pushed the finger in and out of me repeatly. 
Suddently i felt another finger entering. 
It felt amazing. 
My entire body was tickling.
i let out a moan over and over again. 
He looked up at me.
"You sound so fucking sexy, when you moan"
I smirked, as i pulled him up and kissed him. 
He looked into my eyes, as he smiled.
"I love you Mia"
I smiled.
"I love you too Ben"
I opened his belt, and unbuttomed his pants. 
He smirked at me, as he got up and pulled off his pants and boxers. 
I ran my fingers down his abs and continued down his hips. 
I grapped his erection, and looked up at him. 
"I want you to make love to me Ben"
Ben smirked, as he pulled my legs over his back. 
I felt it. 
I felt his erection sliding up and down my clit. 
He looked down at me.
"Make love to me Ben"
He smirked, as i felt the tip entering me. 
I let go of a soft moan and grapped his back with my nails. 
"Do you like it?"
He breath and looked down at me once again. 
I slowly nodded, and he started grinding against me. 
It hurt a bit, but the pleasure was overdozing it. 
He moved faster and faster, harder and harder.
I could hear the clap, evertime he smacked into me. 
Clap, clap, clap ,clap clap clap. clap. 
He pulled out, and grapped my hips, as he turned me over so i was on my knees. 
He slaped my ass and quickly entered me again. 
I found a pillow and quickly pushed my face into it, so i wouldn't make too much noise. 
I could hear him moan, over and over again, as he entered me. 
"God, you're so fucking tight and wet"
He once again slapped my ass. 
He grapped my hair, and started pulling it towards him. 
I felt like he had control over me.
Control over my entire body.
Every inch of me, was filled with pleasure. 
"I want you to ride me"
Ben lay down in bed, as i lifted my leg up to get it over him. 
I sat on top of him, as i navigated his erection towards my opening. 
When i found it, i looked down at Ben, and slowly sat down onto his hard penis. 
I started riding him, as i grapped his chest and held on with a furm grib. 
He wrapped his arms around my back, and pulled me down onto him, as he started kissing me, and banged his penis quickly inside me repeatedly.
I couldn't hold it in any longer.
"Ben, i'm coming"
His grib around me got harder and he moaned.
"Cum for me baby. I'll cum with you"
my entire body was tickling, and it felt like an unstopperable river. 
I moaned louder and louder, for then to feel myself and him orgasm together. 

I got down from him.
We were both filled with sweat and out of breath, as we fell asleep beside each other. 


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