Him & I

When Mia goes to a party, and ends up kissing a hot stranger. She thinks life is perfect.
But when the day her sister comes to town arrives. She wished, she could turn back time.


5. Chapter 5.

It had been 2 weeks since I’d last spoken to Ben.
I couldn’t handle it anymore.
I avoided being home as much as possible, when though my sister had already moved into her own place not that far from us.

I felt horrible when I even talked to Mary.
How could I have done this to her?
Ben and her had moved in together…
Now he had to be at everything we did together as a family.
Which had meant, that I tried to stay away from my family as much as possible.

I lay in my bed, as I thought about all the things that had made me be this awful person.
Mary s Facebook was covered in new pictures of her and Ben in their new apartment.

“Mia, let’s get going”
I sighed as I got up from my bed, and walked towards the front door.
“Where are we going?”
My mom smiled.
"Mary invited us over for dinner with her and Ben”
I got huge eyes.
“Mom I don’t feel good, can’t I just stay home?”
My mom sighed.
“You haven’t even seen your sister s new place yet, I really want you to come with me”
I took a deep breath and looked at her.
“I fell sick”
My mom looked mad at me.
“Please don’t Mia, I can’t handle this distance between us anymore. What’s wrong?”
I sighed.
“It’s nothing, let’s just go”
My mom smiled and got into the car.

I felt terrible about lying to my mom…
I’d never lied to her before…

We got to Mary s place and went inside.
“Hey mom, Hey Mia. I’m so happy to see you”
I smirked and hugged my sister.
“Where’s Ben?”
Mary sighed.
“Ben is at the dance studio, it shouldn’t be that long before he comes back”
My mom nodded.
I was just happy that he wasn’t here.
I sighed as I walked around looking at the apartment.
“Isn’t it great? I love how much room is has”
I fake smiled at Mary and nodded.
“Ben talks about you a lot”
I got huge eyes.
“He does what?”
Oh god. What If he told her!?

“What does he say?”
Mary smiled.
“He thinks that it’s so cool that you’re a dancer just like him.”
I took a deep breath.
“Oh, how nice”
Mary smiled.
“Maybe you should bring him with you, to the dance studio and then you can teach each other some moves”
I nodded slowly.

Mary was such a good person.
She had helped the homeless at a shelter and served food and stuff for them.
She worked in fashion and she was quite good at it.
She was so beautiful, and she always saw the good in people.
And then there was me.
The awful little sister, who had kissed her boyfriend and hated everybody…
The dancer.
The only talent I had gotten.

As Mary and my mom finished dinner, the front door opened up and Ben stepped into the room.
He kissed Mary on the cheek and hugged my mom.
“Hey Mia”
I didn’t respond.
How was I even supposed to talk to him anymore?

We finished dinner.
“Mom, can I go to the studio and practice?”
My mom sighed and nodded.
“I suppose”
I smiled and walked towards the studio only 2 miles down.

I changed and pulled my hair up in a tight bun.
I turned up the music loud and closed my eyes as I danced to the sound.
I was the only person here, so I was allowed to be as free was I would.
I flew through the air.
My heart beat rise as I followed the music.
Dancing was my escape.

“Woaw, you’re an amazing dancer”
I quickly paused the music and turned around.
Ben starred at me and smiled.
“Go away Ben”
He walked closer.
“What’s wrong with you Mia, you haven’t spoken to me in 2 weeks”
I sighed.
“Please just leave me alone and let me dance”
Ben sighed.
“Let me dance with you”
I took a deep breath and nodded slowly.
“Fine, but just one dance”
He nodded and smirked as he walked closer and took hold of my hip.

Ben lifted me up and it felt like I was flying.
We twirl around, and Ben was actually quite good at this.
He held tight into my hips, as he lifted me up and spin around.

He stopped and looked at me, while he was still lifting me.
I looked at him and it felt like the entire universe just stopped.

Those hazel brown eyes just crawled into my soul I guess.
He moved his head closer and closed his eyes as he went for a kiss.
I quickly stopped and fell down.
Ben quickly reached out for my hand.
“Oh my god, are you okay? I didn’t mean to drop you”
I sighed and pushed his hand away as I got up on my own.
“Ben, please don’t”
Ben looked weird at me.
“What do you mean?”
I looked down.

“This thing you’re doing, it’s not okay”
Ben took my hand. 
“Mia, what are you talking about?”
I pulled my hand away and shoke my head slowly.
“What is happening? I don’t understand”
Ben sighed.
“You’re amazing Mia”
I sighed.
”Ben it’s not gonna happen”
He crossed his arms.
“Why not, can’t you just give me a chance?”
I felt the anger running through my veins.
“Because you’re dating my sister!”
Ben sighed.
“But I don’t want her, I want you”
I chook my head.
“No Ben, you chose her”
He quickly chook his head.
“That’s not true! If only I’d met you first, I would have chosen you”
I sighed.
“But you didn’t”
Ben looked down.
“I’ll stop seeing her, I’ll move back home. Anything”
I shook my head again.
“Mary loves you so much”
He sighed.
“but I love you”
I got huge eyes.
“Ben, you don’t even know me”
He took my hand.
“then I’ll get to know you”
I sighed.
“No Ben, that’s not how things work”
He nodded.
“Yes it is”
I chook my head again and the tears started running down my cheeks.
“I can’t be with you, it’s gonna ruin my entire family. Mary is going to hate me. I can’t take you away from her. I just can’t split up my family like that”
Ben sighed.
“Well it’s my choice rather if I choose you or her”
I chook my head once again.
“No, i’ve made that decision for you”
Ben chook his head.
“You can’t”
I nodded.
“Yes I can”
I let go of his hand, and started to walk away.
I looked back and sighed.
“Just leave me alone Ben”
I sniffed as I left the dance studio and walked back home.

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