Him & I

When Mia goes to a party, and ends up kissing a hot stranger. She thinks life is perfect.
But when the day her sister comes to town arrives. She wished, she could turn back time.


4. Chapter 4.

Ben quickly pulled his head back and just stared at me, like nothing happened.
He got up and walked out of my room.

I was so confused.
Did he want me?
Did he want my sister?

I placed my hands in front of my face and slowly fell back into bed.
How could I have been this stupid?

I walked towards my closet and packed my bag, as I walked out of my room and towards the front door.
“I’m going now”
My mom stopped talking in the living room and answered me.
“Okay sweetie, text me when I have to pick you up”
I got out of the front door and got into Camille s mom s car.

We got to practice, and changed.
“I lied to you Camille”
Camille looked weird at me, as she pulled on her ballerina shoes.
“What are you talking about?”
I sighed.
“at Drew s party”
She lifted her right eyebrow, as she didn’t understand what I was saying.
“I was with a guy”
Camille got huge eyes.
“With a guy?”
I nodded slowly.
“We kissed”
She opened her mouth and stared at me like I was some kind of tropical animal.
“You kissed him?”
I sighed.
“Actually, he kissed me”
She smiled.
“Mia, that’s amazing”
I looked down and took a deep breath.
“It’s Drew s big brother”
Camille got huge eyes again.
“Ooooh Benjamin?”
I nodded.
“Mia, he is fucking hot”
I smirked.
“Yeah I guess he is”
Camille walked closer.
“When are you seeing him again?”
I shoke my head.
“Lately I’ve been seeing him all the time”
Camille blinked at me.
“Oh what happened then?”
I shoke my head.
“He is dating Mary”
Camille got huge huge eyes and covered her mouth with her hands.
“He is dating your sister?”
I nodded.
“She’s visiting from LA, and she introduced us to her boyfriend Benjamin, which is the guy I kissed at the party and I didn’t know he was even 21”
Camille shoke her head.
“Omg Mia, this is crazy! He could be arrested for just kissing you that one time”
I sighed.
“He kissed me again today”
Camille got huge eyes once again.
“TODAY!? How?”
I breathe.
“He is staying at our house with Mary”
Camille sighed,
“Mia, you can’t go around kissing your sister s boyfriend, and the fact that he is 21 doesn’t make it any better. It’s illegal”
I nodded.
“I know, but I can’t stop. He is so amazing and a great kisser and he has such beautiful eyes and Urgh he is perfect”
Camille sighed.
“What is your sister going to say if she finds out?”
I lifted my shoulders.
“I have no idea, and I really don’t want to find out”
Camille nodded.

We finished class and I went outside to call my mom.
“Hey mom, you can pick me up now”
“Okay sweetie”
She hung up and I sat down on a bench and waited.

After just a few minutes, our car pulled up to the sidewalk.
Audi A4

I smiled and walked up to the car, only to notice that it wasn’t my mom behind the wheel.
It was Ben.
I sighed and got in the car.
“I didn’t know that you liked ballet”
I looked up at Ben and then down again as he drove.
“Why does it matter to you?”
He smirked.
“I love dancing too”
I looked up at him.
“You’re a dancer?”
He nodded.
“I mostly dance street and all that”
I nodded.
“So why do you love ballet?”
I sighed.
“I really don’t think it’s your business Ben”
We pulled up to our house, and I got out in anger.
I was so angry with him.
How could he do this to me? Or even my sister?
Didn’t he have some comment sense in that perfect little head of his?

I smashed the car door and walked up to our house.
I smashed the door right in front of Ben s face and walked into my room without even saying hello to my family.

I didn’t want to talk to either one of them.
I just wanted to stay in my bed and cry because I’d fallen in love with a guy I could never have without breaking my family up.

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