Him & I

When Mia goes to a party, and ends up kissing a hot stranger. She thinks life is perfect.
But when the day her sister comes to town arrives. She wished, she could turn back time.


2. Chapter 2.

Drew Blank. 
The most popular guy in high school.
He had it all.
The gorgeous Audi R8, the huge mansion, the football talent and the whole school as his friends. Even the teachers loved him.
However, for some reason, I wasn’t really a big fan of him.
He had been mocking me since middle school, when I fell and ruined his backpack with Superman on.

We got to his house, and the entire place was filled with teenagers.
The music was hearable from 2 blocks away.

We got out of the car, and waved goodbye to Camille s mom. Mrs. Adams.
“Are you sure about this?”
I looked terrified at Camille.
She smirked at me and nodded.
“Don’t be such a pussy. Come on”
She grapped my hand, and pulled me with her through the huge garden and crowd towards the front door.

The music was so loud I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts. 

Camille waved at everyone, and pulled me with her towards the bar.
“Want a beer?”
She sounded like she had been here like 100 times before and just knew where everything was.
I just nodded and took the beer.

After a few hours, it had gotten wild and Camille was drunker than an alcoholic at a free bar. 
I never knew where she was.
She was flying through that place like she was the queen of England.
Me on the other hand, was sitting alone on a sofa in the living room.
When suddenly a couple flew over me and landed beside me.
I got huge eyes, and decided to move.

I went up some stairs, and found a room to sit on without being bothered.

I sighed as I drank a sip of my fourth beer and sat down on the bed.
I closed my eyes for a second, and tried to relax. 

When the door opened.
And I flew up from the bed and looked scared at the tall guy with tattoos down both his arms, standing in front of me.
“I’m sorry, were you using this room? I’ll leave”
I grapped my phone and started to walk out of the room, when the guy grapped my arm and looked at me.
“You can stay if you want to, I was just going to watch a movie”
I smiled and nodded slowly at him.

We sat down in his bed, when he started up Netflix and looked at me.
“So what kind of movie do you wanna watch?”
I blinked and pulled up my shoulders.
“I have no idea, I kinda like horror”
He smirked at me and nodded, as he put on Paranormal activity | The ghost dimension.
He crawled up beside me and smiled.
He reached out for my hand and looked at me.
“I’m Ben”
I smiled and shoke his hand. 
“Hello Ben, I’m Mia”
He smirked and looked intense at me with his beautiful Brown eyes.

We watched the movie, and suddenly fell into talk.
“No you can’t like Captain Amerika more than iron man? “
I giggled as I shoke my head.
“Yes I can? Captain Amerika was real superpowers, Iron man is just a rich guy in a metal suit”
Ben shook his head.
“Exactly! He is just using his brain”
I lifted my eyebrow and sighed.
“Are you serious?”
Ben laughed and grapped my hand.
“You’re so cute”
I blushed and looked down as I pushed some of my hair behind my left ear.
“Look at me”
He pulled up my chin, and made me face him.
He had such beautiful Hazel brown eyes.
His cheekbones was perfectly marked and shaped.
Just like his lips and nose.
He looked like someone from a Disney movie.
To perfect to be real.

Suddenly he leaned in and got quite close to my face.
I took heavy breaths and looked into his eyes, as he moved closer and closer towards me.
He was just a few inches away, as I looked down at his lips and breathe.
I bite my lower lip and tried to stay calm.

He pressed his lips against mine, and grapped hold of my neck.
He pushed his tongue into my mouth and started massaging mine with his.
It felt magical.
He made me feel some weird feeling I’d never felt before in any of these 17½ years I’d lived so far.
I never wanted it to end.
He pushed me down so I was lying down and he was on top of me as he still kissed me and held onto my neck tight.
I pulled a bit in the back of his hair as he pressed himself closer and made the kisses more and more intense. 
He grapped my ass and the grips became more and more strong.

Suddenly my phone rang and I hurried to pull away and look at it.
The moment was over…

1 new text messege.

From: Camille
Where are u? It’s time to go home, I’m out front.

I sighed as I pulled on my shoes and ran my fingers through my very messy hair.
Ben sat up in bed and looked shocked at me.
I turned around and looked at him.
“I have to go, my friend is waiting for me”
He nodded, got out of bed and walked towards me.
He grapped my hips and pulled me in for another kiss.
His lips were so soft and if I could, I would never stop touching them. 
“I guess I’ll see you around”
I nodded and smiled.
“Bye Mia”
I sighed and started walking towards the door.
I opened it, and looked back at Ben before walking out and possibly never to see him again.
“Bye Ben”

I walked down stairs and out of the front door, where I could see Camille waiting for me with her mom.

I smiled and got into the car, as they drove me home. 
“Where were you?” 
I smiled at Camille, as she looked at me with that I have no clue what happened Look in her eyes.
“I was around”
I smirked and got out of the car, as we pulled up to my house.
I Waved goodbye and went inside.

My mom was sleeping, so I had to be as quiet as a mouse.
She was a light sleeper, so anything would wake her up.

I slowly walked towards my room, and closed the door behind me.
What if I never saw Ben again?
Then I would never know if that feeling I felt was real or if I was just a bit tipsy…

I took of the dress and pulled my hair up in a messy bump, as I lay down in bed and plugged my phone into the charger.

Then then I fell asleep.


“Mia, it’s time to get up. Your sister is here and she brought her boyfriend. He looks like a model”
I sighed and stretched as my mom closed the door behind her when she left my room.
I got myself pulled together and rolled out of bed.

I walked towards my little closet and pulled out some Black sweatpants and a white tank top.
I pulled on my Fluffy socks and fixed my hair into another messy bump.

I grapped my phone, and slowly walked out of my room towards the kitchen.

“Yeah, we’re going to Hawaii in 2 weeks”
I smiled at my mom, as I walked towards my sister and hugged her.
She smiled and pulled me in close.
“Oh Mia, I haven’t seen you since my 21th birthday 3 months ago. How are you?”
I smiled and nodded as I looked around the kitchen.
“I’m good. Where is that boyfriend?”
Mary smiled and drank a sip of her coffee. 
“I think he is in the bathroom”
I nodded and grapped the cup of coffee my mom had made me.
I took a sip as I heard footsteps coming towards us.

I drank some of my coffee, when I smelled the perfume 1 million for men.

“Mia, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend Benjamin”
I sat the cup down and there he was.


I got huge eyes.
Ben looked at me as shocked as I was.

The guy i was sure I would never see again.
He was my big sister s boyfriend.

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