Him & I

When Mia goes to a party, and ends up kissing a hot stranger. She thinks life is perfect.
But when the day her sister comes to town arrives. She wished, she could turn back time.


1. Chapter 1.

I wouldn’t say that i’m a loser, but i’m not a popular girl either.
I like high school, well i don’t love it you know, but i kinda like it.
It’s somewhere inbetween Oh I wanna go everyday and Fuck please just let me sleep.
I think we all have some good days and then some really shitty ones. 

I’m Mia by the way. 
Mia Young.
I’m 17 and i go to Harrison High School in New York.
I like dancing. 
No wait.
I love dancing.
It’s like nothing can touch me when i dance.
I love it.
It’s my little escape from life.

I’m a ballet dancer.
And now you think that i’m some high class overrated bitch, but i’m not.
I dance other categories too, but ballet is my favorite.

Now let’s start the story.

”Mia, have you done your homework yet?” 
I sighed as i walked into the kitchen where my mom (Alice) was making dinner.
My favorite.
Mac and cheese.

”Mom seriously? I literally got home from school 3 hours ago and got summer vacation and you’re asking me if I did my homework?”
My mom giggled and shoke her head a bit.
“Oh yeah, I forgot.” 
I shoke my head and smiled at her, as I rolled my eyes and thought to myself God I love her. 

My mom is kinda my best friend. 
Besides Camille, the girl I’ve known since kindergarten and we’ve been friends ever since. She is the one I do ballet with.

“How is it possible for you to be that stupid?”
My mom giggled again, and tickled my chin. 
“Hey! Why are you always this mean? I gave birth to you”
I giggled and ran my fingers through my shoulder long thin black hair I’d inherited from my beautiful mom.
My grandma had always told me that I looked like a copy of my mom when she was young. 

“Dinner is ready Mia, can you set the table?”
It was just my mom and I.
Dad left us when I was only a baby, and my big sister Mary lives in Los Angeles.

I took out the plates and all that, while my mom finished the food.

As we sat down at the table, and started eating.
My mom s phone rang.
“Mom, you’re the one who says no phones at the table”
She grapped her phone and looked at it.
“Oh it’s your sister; she is in town for a few days. She is gonna come visit tomorrow and she’ll bring her boyfriend with her”
I drank some water and nodded at my mom.
As I finished my plate, my phone rang as well.

“Mia, no phones at the table”
I winked at her and grapped my phone.

From Camille.
Mia! We just got invited to a party at Drew Blank s place! I’ll pick you up at 8. 

I smiled, as I looked at my mom and locked my phone.
“Why are you smiling like an idiot?”
I looked at her with a puppy face.
“What is it? I know when you make that look you want something from me”
I nodded.
“Camille texted that we’re invited to Drew Blank s place later”
My mom rolled her eyes.
“Mia, you know how I feel about drinking when you aren’t old enough”
I lifted my right eyebrow at her.
She smiled.
“Oh fine, you can go but I want you home save and sound before 2 in the morning”
I quickly got up and hugged her.
“Thank you thank you thank you, oh and also I need to borrow your black dress” 
My mom looked at me with that Are you kidding me look in her eyes.
“What? I look so much older in it, plus we both know that it looked better on me than you”
My mom giggled.
“What? That’s because you have a huge ass and I’m more the skinny type”
I opened my mouth and looked mad at her.
“I do not have a huge ass, I weight 165 pounds!” 
My mom nodded.
“Yes, that’s because you have a huge ass”
I hit her on the shoulder and started walking away.
“See cus you said that, you can clean the table all by yourself, you sad old woman”
My mom giggled.
I shoke my head and walked down the hall towards my room.

I walked towards my little makeup table, and looked at myself.
My green eyes made me look a bit tired.
I grapped my concealer and did my masterpiece.
After about 30 minutes, I’d went from Oh hey I’m 12 to Sorry maim is it hot in here or is it just you?

I’m sorry.
I joke a lot.

I pulled on my mom s tight black dress, and looked at myself in the mirror.
It was a bit short; I was kinda scared that I could bent over and BAM BOOTY FLASH.

I sighed, as I looked at my hair.
It was so boring and thin. 
I swung forward and shoke my hair a bit while I fumbled through it.

I got up and looked at my hair again.
A little fuller.

I grapped my phone from my little purse and looked at the time.
7.58 PM 

Well time to go.
I grapped my black vans and walked towards the front door, where I could hear Camille s mom s car waiting.

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