Seokjin has been bullied his whole life. His parents split up when he was 11. Because of that, people made fun of him. The only person who was there for him was his sister, Eun- Byeol. She always stood up for him when people picked on him. But due to a serious illness, he could not be near her. She passed away before he could see her again. He lived with his grandparents, who took care of him for a few years. But they also passed away because of of old age. Jin had now entered a stage of depression. He had numerous thoughts of committing suicide. Just when he thought things were getting out of control, an old friend comes to his rescue.


9. Chapter 9


     After school ended, I ran straight to the back of the school. The only thing I could think about all day was meeting Jin. He was on my mind. I could barely concentrate on school. After waving at a few people I finally made my way to the back. Unfortunately, no one was there yet.

     "He... he's probably just running late right? I mean, school just ended, he couldn't possibly be here yet." I say to myself. I set my backpack down and sit against the wall. I twindle with my thumb as I wait for Jin. A few minutes pass by but no one came. 

      "He'll be here. I know it." I say once more.


      School finally ended and I ran to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror.

      "Not perfect, but oh well." I say and turn to leave. But I find a group of people standing in the doorway.

      "Hey, I'm getting deja vu from all this." one of them say with a smirk. I back away from them and hit the wall. 

      "This is the little freak we got the other day, remember?" another said. I looked down as I remembered the way they abused me. I still had bruises because of them. 

      "Oy, whatever your name is. Don't you think it's rude to not say anything. Come on, speak up." the last one spoke. He came up to me and put his arm against my neck. I looked him in the eye. 

      "Please, let me go." I mumble. The guy doesn't say anything. Instead, he looks at me from head to toe. He smirks and puts his hand under my shirt.

      "Hey fellas, while we're here, why not have some fun." he says. I gasp a little and push his hand away. Before they could react, I'm out the door.

      "Hey! You litt- I'm not through with you!" everybody yells behind me. I don't look back. My tears make it hard for me to see. I think about going home, ending everything. But Namjoon pops into my head. And the deal we made. I run out the school and towards the back. I pray that Namjoons still there. 

      "Ouch!" I hear someone say and fall onto the floor. I stare at the person I bumped into.

      "NAMJOON!" I yell and jump on him.

      "Jin?" he says and puts his arms around me, tightening the hug. I don't move from him. I let my tears stain his shirt. I could still feel the cold hands on my chest.

      "W-why are you crying? Did something happen?" Namjoon said when he noticed I was crying. I put my head on his shoulder and nodded my head.

       "I-It's n-not just t-today. It's been g-going on for a w-while." I whisper. Namjoon rubs my back. But I could feel his heart beat faster. 

        "Who did it?" he said coldly. I thought before responding.

         "J-Ji-Won." I murmur. Namjoon runs his hands through my hair. I slowly let go of him. Namjoon wipes the tears from my face.

         "That son of a bitch will pay." he mumbles under his breath, but I heard him. I shook my head.

        "N-no! Don't go! Please!" I beg as he gets up. I pull his arm back. But that doesn't stop.

         "This bastard hurt you, Jin. I don't know how, but he did." he said. "No one will hurt my Jin."

        I follow Namjoon as he makes his way around the school. I mentally beg that Ji-Won left. I didn't want drama to start between him and Namjoon. I didn't want Namjoon to get involved.

       "JI-WON! Come out, you fuck!" Namjoon yelled. There was silence before the sound of feet shuffling came from behind us. I looked back to see Ji-Won. I pulled my shirt down to try to make the uncomfortable feeling go away. Namjoon saw me doing so and caught on quickly.

       "You tried to physically abuse him? Take of his clothes? Tch. You make me sick." Namjoon said. I started to sob again and went behind him. 

       "Yeah. So what? We were just trying to have some fun. Isn't that right, Jin." Ji-Won said. I fell to my knees. Namjoon glanced at me and then Ji-Won. 

        "You made a mistake even TOUCHING him. You'll pay for every time." Namjoon said and walked forward. I didn't bother to look back. I didn't want to see anyone fighting. But the sounds of punching and bones cracking filled my ears. After a loud thud, there was silence. I felt a pair of arms help me up. I saw who it was. The victorious Namjoon looked at me in the eye with a black eye. There were scratches all over his face. I gently touched his cheek, but Namjoon winced. I pulled my hand back. 

       "You're safe now, Jin. These guys won't be bothering you anymore." he said. I looked behind him and saw Ji-Won on the floor, clenching his arm in pain. I looked away and grabbed Namjoon's hand.

       "Let's get you washed up." I say and we make our way home.

~time skip: Jin's house~

      Once we got to my house, I threw my coat on my bed. Namjoon did the same. 

      "Well, haven't you gotten used to this house." I say with a small smile. Namjoon laughs. I grab a first aid kit and seat namjoon on the couch.

      "This'll hurt a bit." I say and dab a cloth on Namjoon's cheek. Namjoon stared at me as I continued. 

      "What are you staring at?" I ask him. Namjoon shakes his head.

       "I'm just wondering. You're so handsome, yet you're not dating. I haven't seen anyone with you." he says. I stop mid-way and freeze. I put my hand back down and set the first aid to the side.

        "You don't know my background, Namjoon." I say. Namjoon moves closer.

        "Then tell me." he says. I sigh and look at the ground.

         "My parents died when I was young, in a house fire. I only had my sister for a few years. But she soon caught a disease and died when I was 12. Then I lived with my grandparents. But they died 'cause of old age. People say that I'm cursed." I say. "That's why nobody wants to be with me. Except for Ye-Seul. She wanted to be my friend. And I love her for that." I continued.

         "I'm sorry for everything that happened to you. But I'll prove all that wrong." Namjoon said. I look at him in confusion. Namjoon grabs my chin and brings himself closer. He closed his eyes and softly kissed me. Everything happened so fast that I couldn't think. After a few seconds, Namjoon moved back.

         "I love you, Jin."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEY EVERYBODY! Here's another chapter of //drown//! I wanted to tell you guys something! I don't know how long I want to continue this... It's either going to long like "Why Us" or short like "Would You Run Away?". And when I am done, "Would You Run Away?" is getting a sequel!  But I'll have my friend Mich help me with that! SO look forward to that! Goodnight!

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