Seokjin has been bullied his whole life. His parents split up when he was 11. Because of that, people made fun of him. The only person who was there for him was his sister, Eun- Byeol. She always stood up for him when people picked on him. But due to a serious illness, he could not be near her. She passed away before he could see her again. He lived with his grandparents, who took care of him for a few years. But they also passed away because of of old age. Jin had now entered a stage of depression. He had numerous thoughts of committing suicide. Just when he thought things were getting out of control, an old friend comes to his rescue.


2. Chapter 2


       I woke up in my bed with Ye-Seul's arms wrapped around me. She was still asleep, so I decided to leave her alone. I carefully removed her arms and slid off the bed. When I moved to go to the bathroom, I noticed how bright it was outside. I checked the time and gasped.

       "10: 58! Oh shit! I'm goin- already late for school!" I yelled/whispered to myself. I ran to the bathroom and washed up. When I came back to my room, Ye-Seul was now sitting on my bed, rubbing her eyes.

      "What's all this commotion?" she said in a sleepy tone. I rolled my eyes.

     "Ye-Seul! Why didn't you wake me up!?" I yelled, but not so loudly. I searched my closet to look for some clothes when Ye-Seul forced me to look at her.

     "You're not going today. After what happened yesterday, I want to make sure you're okay." she said. I sighed and looked into her eyes.

     "Then, what are your plans?" I asked. Ye-Seul thought for a second. I could tell she hadn't thought this through.

     "How does shopping sound?" she said with a shrug.

~time skip~

     "Ye-Seul! I don't need this! Here, why don't you go wear this and I'll wait here." I said when Ye-Seul tried to make me try on a shirt. I didn't want to go shopping, but it was better than sitting at home all day. 

     "Jin! You will go in there and put this shirt on!" Ye-Seul said and pushed me into the dressing room. I tried to open the door, but she pulled the door closed. I decided to give up and put the sweater on. I looked at the shirt Ye-Seul gave me and put it on. It was a little big on me, but it was fine. I looked at myself in the mirror. The sweater was pink and had '~Perf~' written in black. I sighed and opened the door. 

      "Jin? Is that you?" Ye-Seul said with shock as she scanned me from top to bottom. I blushed a little and teasingly pushed Ye-Seul. She laughed a little and smiled.

       "I mean, seriously. You... look so different. Like, from all the other stuff you wear, this... this is a new change."  Ye-Seul said and grabbed a black dress from the rack next to her.

       "Now excuse me, it's my turn to shine." she whispered to me and walked into the women's dressing room. I decided to take off the shirt I was wearing and change back to what I was. After that, I sat on a bench and waited for Ye-Seul. After what felt like ages, she came out in the same dress. I was left shook.

       "Y-Ye-Seul? Y-you look... beautiful!" I said with a big smile. The dress was black and had went knee high. The sleeves were full arm and the netted. The neck I had a problem with though. It was too low and showed too much cleavage. I didn't like the idea of Ye-Seul showing herself off to others guys. She was like a sister to me.

       "Thank you! Do you think it'll attract the guys?" she said and winked. I rolled my eyes at her.

       "I don't like that idea, but, yeah. I'm positive that the guys will be drooling all over you!" I told her. Ye-Seul grinned and went back to the dressing room. She came back out with her original clothes.

       "Well, then. Let's get going." she said and I followed her to the counter. 

       "Hello! How are you two today?" the cashier said as we placed the clothes on table. 

       "Fine, thank you." Ye-Seul said and smiled. The cashier looked me.

       "I'm good. What about you?" I said. I kept my words short. Speaking to other people made me nervous.

       "Good, thank you for asking. Hey, can I ask you something?" he said. I gave him a small nod.

       "You mind giving me the lady's number?" he whispered in my ear. I looked at Ye-Seul, who was tapping her finger on the table, and back at the cashier. 

        "She's taken." I said sternly. I didn't want Ye-Seul to get hurt by anyone. She was the only one who would help me when I was in need.

         "Oh, sorry." the guy said and finished scanning our stuff. "That'll be $46.32." 

         "Thank you." I said and grabbed the stuff and Ye-Seul's hand. She looked at me with confusion.

         "Jin? What's wrong?" she asked when we got to the car. I let go of her hand and sat in the car. Ye-Seul soon followed.

        "Promise me you'll tell me when you get into a relationship, okay? If someone breaks your heart, you come straight to me." I said when she sat down. Ye-Seul nodded her head, still confused. I turned on the radio and we sat in silence the whole way home.


HEY EVERYBODY! Here is chapter 2 of //drown//! I will probably be posting a little more this week! I only have 2 days of school this week so yeah! And I would like to introduce the co-author! @Min-Hyuk ! P.S, you should go follow her! She's a cool bean! See you guys and gals in the next chapter!

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