Seokjin has been bullied his whole life. His parents split up when he was 11. Because of that, people made fun of him. The only person who was there for him was his sister, Eun- Byeol. She always stood up for him when people picked on him. But due to a serious illness, he could not be near her. She passed away before he could see her again. He lived with his grandparents, who took care of him for a few years. But they also passed away because of of old age. Jin had now entered a stage of depression. He had numerous thoughts of committing suicide. Just when he thought things were getting out of control, an old friend comes to his rescue.


13. Chapter 13


     It's finally the first day back from break. My alarm clock went off about thirty minutes ago, but Namjoon's still asleep. ​I poked at his cheek

      "Joonie, wake up." His nose wrinkled up and I smiled.

​      "Joonie, come on get up." I managed to get him into a sitting position "Why don't I make pancakes?"

​     He yawned and tiredly rubbed his eyes

     "Sure! Haven't had them in a while." he said. I nodded my head in agreement. Only this time, I prayed I wouldn't burn the food. But after a while, there was a satisfying stack of pancakes sitting on two plates, and fruit in bowls. 

​     After breakfast, Namjoon and I made out way to school. My hand kept quivering, but Namjoon squeezed it reassuringly. I took a deep breath and exhaled. 

     "Don't worry, Jin. I'll make sure nothing happens to you." He paused. I stopped walking and turned to face him. Namjoon grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me into a hug. "I'll make the people who ever touched you pay. They won't escape from my hands so easily."

      I didn't bother trying to hold back my tears. Namjoon rubbed my back and wiped away my tears.

     "But you have to be strong. You can't let people get the best of you." he said. I nodded my head and Namjoon grabbed my hand again. I sighed and we kept walking.


     School had finally started. Like, 2 hours ago. But we have 5 minutes until lunch. 5 minutes until I can see Namjoon. 

     "Alright! Make sure to complete your homework! We will start working on our novels tomorrow!" the teacher said, signifying the end of class. I packed my things and was out the door before the bell even rang.

     I slowly walked to Namjoon's class, pushing past people in the halls. I slight smile formed on my lips when I saw him come out. He had his arm over another guy's neck, had a big smile on his face and seemed to be having the time of his life. I moved behind the wall and closed my eyes.

     Should I interrupt or wait for him? I decided to pick the latter and walked outside to the fountain at the back of the school. A few minutes passed by but Namjoon hadn't come yet. I was starting to fear that he was 't going to at all. I fiddled with m thumbs and paced around the courtyard. 

     "Oh look. We found ourselves a little snack." I heard someone snicker behind me. I jumped and turned around. My heart started racing when I saw who it was.

     "J-Ji Won...?" I mumbled. He man infront of me smirked and walked up to me. I back up as far as I could until I hit the wall. 

     "Your boyfriend dared to mess with us the other day. We won't mess with him." Ji Won said. He pressed his hand chest and moved closer. 

      "But you're easy prey. We have Namjoon busy with other stuff. He won't be coming any time soon. So I'll take my sweet time." he whispered in my ear. I flinched and tried to move, but he grabbed my arms and pinned them above my head. He moved closer to my neck and licked it. The warmness of his tongue left a tingling sensation.

      I squirmed in him grip, but he pushed himself closer onto me. Ji Won moved from my neck up to my jaw. I wanted to scream for Namjoon, but nothing would come out. 

     "You're too easy to mess with." Ji Won said. I shut my eyes and tears started to roll down my face. All I wanted was to think about Namjoon. But the conversation Namjoon and I had earlier today popped into my head. 

     "You can't other people get the best of you."

     "... best... of me..." I mumbled. Ji Won stopped abruptly and backed up a little. I took a deep breath and backed away from the wall. I felt giddy inside and couldn't help but laugh a little.

     "Heh...heh..." I whispered. Ji Won and his friends moved back from me. I curled my hands into a fist and punched the wall behind me.

      "AHH!" I yelled. I let the anger run out of me. Ji Won glared at me and soon enough, ran away. I slid to the and let the tears stream down my face.

     "Jin? Jin!? JIN!?" I heard a familiar voice yell. I looked up and saw Namjoon running towards me. His face was bloody and bruised. I jumped into his arms and let myself cry. Namjoon picked me up and took me inside the school. People stared as he walked into the nurses room. 

     "Oh my god! What happened to him?" Mrs. Choi asked once Namjoon set me on the bed. I opened my mouth to answer, but a sharp pain ran in my head. I held my neck, gasping for air. 

     "Quick! Keep him down!" the nurse instructed. Namjoon put his hands on my shoulders and kept me down. I still couldn't breathe and held onto Namjoon's collar. The nurse returned with a gas mask and put it on my head. My breathing got better after a while, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. I looked at Namjoon on last time and passed out. 



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