Seokjin has been bullied his whole life. His parents split up when he was 11. Because of that, people made fun of him. The only person who was there for him was his sister, Eun- Byeol. She always stood up for him when people picked on him. But due to a serious illness, he could not be near her. She passed away before he could see her again. He lived with his grandparents, who took care of him for a few years. But they also passed away because of of old age. Jin had now entered a stage of depression. He had numerous thoughts of committing suicide. Just when he thought things were getting out of control, an old friend comes to his rescue.


10. Chapter 10


       (Chapter 9 continued...)

     "I love you, Jin." 

      There was silence. Jin stared into my eyes.  I stared into his. We stayed there for a few seconds.

      "W...hy?" Jin whispered at last. He moved back and covered his mouth. 

      "There's no reason to love someone. It's what the heart desires." I say. Tears start to form from Jin's eyes. 

       "There's nothing to love about me." he said as I move forward to wipe the tears away. I cup his face and stroke his cheek.

        "That's not true. Stop thinking like that about yourself."I said. Jin looks away. I lean in and kiss his again. This time, Jin didn't push me back. He didn't stop me. Instead, he kissed me back. I moved closer to him and ran my hand through his hair. Jin put his arms around my neck. 

        'I want to stay like this... forever. With just Jin in my arms. No one else. I want to protect my only love.' I thought to myself. But soon after, Jin moved back. He put his forehead on mine. I could see that his cheeks were pink. He was taking deep breaths. 

        "I really love you, Jin." I said. Jin looked at me. He gave me a small smile. He pulled me into a hug.

        "I love you too, Namjoon." he whispered into my ear. I pulled his closer and sighed. I've been thinking about this moment for the longest time. I dreamt about holding Jin like this. 

        "But promise me something." he said. "Promise me you won't leave."

        "I don't need to promise anything. You already know that I won't ever leave." I said. Jin let go of me. 

        "Thank you." he said. I smiled at him. I was about to lean in again but I noticed that Jin's eyes were starting to get droopy. I got up and picked him up.

        "Nam...joon?" he mumbled. 

        "Shh. Don't say anything. You must be tired after everything. Go to sleep." I said and put Jin on his bed. He nodded his head. I sat on the floor besides him and held his hand. He stared at me with a smile before falling asleep.

        "It was about time you opened your heart." I say and squeeze his hand. I glance at the time and sigh.

        "Five forty-six. My mom's going to kill me." I say and look back at Jin. I gently move him over and lay next to him.

         "There's nothing wrong with spending a night with my boyfriend." I whisper. I smile at the thought of Jin as my boyfriend. 

         "I'll make sure no one hurts you." I mumble and fall asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sometimes I don't know what I do with myself! !!! *cries in a random language*

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