Seokjin has been bullied his whole life. His parents split up when he was 11. Because of that, people made fun of him. The only person who was there for him was his sister, Eun- Byeol. She always stood up for him when people picked on him. But due to a serious illness, he could not be near her. She passed away before he could see her again. He lived with his grandparents, who took care of him for a few years. But they also passed away because of of old age. Jin had now entered a stage of depression. He had numerous thoughts of committing suicide. Just when he thought things were getting out of control, an old friend comes to his rescue.


1. Chapter 1


       //drown. you don't deserve it. let yourself go... die...///

       "Seokjin? Seokjin, wake up, you're going to be late!" my friend yelled as she shook me. I groaned and sat up in my bed. Sweat was running down my face. My hands were trembling. I curled them into a fist and got out of bed.

       "Morning." I mumbled to my friend, Ye-Seul. She glanced at me and then back at the pancake in the pan.

       "Well, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." she said with a smile. 

       "It's the first day of school." I said and ran my hand through my hair. I might've looked calm, but my insides were shaking. I could barely breathe. 

     "Yeah, I know. That's why I worried about you. Will you be okay?" Ye-Seul asked and placed the pancakes in front of me. I grabbed the syrup and poured it all over them, pretending I didn't hear her question. I stuffed a pancake into my mouth. The sweetness of the maple syrup calmed me for a few minutes.

     "Jin? Please don't ignore me. I really want to help you. If anyone annoys you or bugs you, you come straight to me, okay?" Ye-Seul said and picked up the plate when I was done eating. I gave her a quick nod and rushed to the bathroom. I slammed the door closed and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess. My eyes looked droopy. I turned the faucet on and stared at the water. 

     //jump. go ahead. no one needs you anyway.// 

     I splashed my face with water to wake myself up. I've been having these nightmares for a few days. My thoughts telling me to go kill myself. I admit I've thought about it. After all that happened to me, it would only make sense. But people stopped me. People like Ye-Seul. 

     I finished washing up and left the bathroom. I walked into my room and looked at the clock. It was thirty past six. I sighed and opened my closet. I didn't have much except for a few shirts and pants. I grabbed a sweater and some black jeans. My shirt was black and had 'Love Yourself' written across it. I combed my hair to make it a little less messy. Satisfied with my look, I put my hoodie over my head and grabbed my backpack, earphones, and most importantly, my phone. 

     "Ye-Seul! I'm ready to go! You coming or not?" I yelled throughout the house. I heard some ruffling and some thumps. But eventually, Ye-Seul showed up with keys in hand. 

      "Sorry. I... was trying... to... nevermind." she said between breaths. Ye-Seul walked out of the house and I followed. I sat down in the passenger seat and looked out the window. It was after a while when Ye-Seul said something.

      "Jin. You know what to do. If anyone bothers you-" she said before I cut her off.

      "Come to you. I understand. Thanks." I whispered to her and walked away from the car. There were a lot of familiar faces from last year. I kept my head down until I reached the school. No one said anything when I walked in. I walked to my locker and put some of my stuff in. After I closed it, someone grabbed me by the shoulder and slammed my back against the lockers.

      "Ah! Look! I found the little freak!" one of them yelled. I looked down, away from them.

      "Leave me alone." I mumbled and walked away from them. But the guy who called me a 'freak', grabbed me again and pulled me towards the bathroom. He pushed me onto the floor. My head hit the ground and my vision went blurry.

      "Don't you dare ignore me, you bitch!" the guy yelled. I sat against the wall and held my head. Warm tears rolled down my face.

      "Look at you. You're so weak." he said. I felt a kick on the left side on my body. Then again. And again. .... and again. Until I couldn't feel my body any longer. 

       "Tch. He's no use. Can't even put up a fight. Useless piece of shit!" the guy spit at me. Everyone stomped away, leaving me alone. I curled up into a ball and started to cry. I didn't stop until someone else came into the bathroom. They looked at me but walked away. I got up and wiped my tear-stained face. My body still hurt and I limped to my first class. 

        "Mr. Kim? Are you alright? Please, take a seat." the teacher said and helped me to my desk. I lightly pushed the him away, not wanting to attract attention from the other students. I mean, after all, he did stop teaching the class midway through and come to me.

        "Please, continue the lesson." I said and bared through the pain. My back and ribs were hurting like a bitch. Mr. Han, the teacher, continued teaching. I tried to pay attention, but my mind kept zoning off. I was about to put my head down, but the bell rang. I waited for everyone to leave before I got out. When I stood up, Mr. Han called me over.

       "Seokjin, I need to speak with you." he said. I waddled my way over and stood in front of him.

       "Are you hurt? You look like you've been kicked or something." Mr. Han stated. I shook my head, thinking that if I told him the truth, the same people with come back and hurt me again.

       "You can tell me, Seokjin. I need to know, did you get into a fight? Or did someone hurt you?" he asked with a sympathetic tone. I cringed a little and shook my head again. 

       "No one hurt me. I'm fine. Now, if I may, please excuse me." I said and walked away. Mr. Han didn't say anything as I left. I walked down the empty corridors and stopped in front of the high school office. I hesitated for a second before walking in.

       "Jin? How may I help you?" the lady at the desk greeted me. I gave her a tiny smile.

       "Hi. I need to make a phone call." I said and tapped my finger against the counter. She nodded her head and grabbed the phone. She dialed a few numbers and then gave it to me. I grabbed the telephone and put in Ye-Seul's number. The phone rang for a few seconds before she picked up.

      "Hello?" she said. I sighed in relief.

      "Ye-Seul? I-I need you to come pick me up." I said. Ye-Seul stayed still for  few seconds.

      "Alright. I'm coming. Give me 2 minutes." she finally said. I hung up the phone and gave it back to the lady. 

      "Thank you." I whispered and left. I sat on a bench in front of the main entrance. My phone buzzed and I looked to see who it was. 

        //unknown//: yo freak. you better not tell anyone about this morning.

cause i'll find out. and i'll make that ugly face of yours even more fugly.

      I reread the message and put my phone away. My face was bright red and I couldn't breathe. I was used to people bullying me. But it hurt ten times as worse every time. I wanted it to stop. To let go. But I couldn't leave whatever friends I did have. If I had any at all.

    "Jin?" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up and saw Ye-Seul. I started crying even harder and hugged her. She rubbed my back and whispered in my ear.

      "I'm sorry. It's okay. I'm here now. Don't worry."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HEY everybody! It''s me again! XMBAE! This is the first chapter of //drown//. I know that this is a little different than what I usually write! But I decided to give it a shot! I'm sorry if this triggers anyone! Please, if you have been through any of this, please come talk to me! Or if you know someone going through this, please let someone you trust know! This is probably going to be a lot more depressing further on. If you have a weak heart, I suggest you not read this! Just a little warning. And I am thinking about a co-author! Please let me know if you are interested! Please and thank you! See you guys and gals in the next chapter! 



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