24 years....

Remember River Song's last episode. Christmas 2015...they had 24 years together on Durilium. In real time they have 22 left...I've always wanted to know what happened during those 24 years...

1 Night=24 years long.

24 years is all she gets…24 years left with her doctor. He showed up on her doorstep with a new face and a new haircut.

She lays her head against his shoulder and he holds her tight. The woman he loves by his side for just one more night.


4. Note:1

The first and third chapters are scenes from the episode "The Husbands of River Song"

Chapter two uses some of the dialogue from the episode named above.

These three chapters are not mine and are owned by BBC America and the writers who wrote the episode

The first three chapters are entirely pure Doctor Who episode and DO NOT BELONG TO ME

I used them to set the tone and the beginning of my story because River's last episode was just so pure and so perfect. 


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