24 years....

Remember River Song's last episode. Christmas 2015...they had 24 years together on Durilium. In real time they have 22 left...I've always wanted to know what happened during those 24 years...

1 Night=24 years long.

24 years is all she gets…24 years left with her doctor. He showed up on her doorstep with a new face and a new haircut.

She lays her head against his shoulder and he holds her tight. The woman he loves by his side for just one more night.


2. Darillium

When the couple is safe and sound the Doctor wraps his arms around his wife and they share a kiss. They haven’t kissed in years. He wraps his arms around her waist and when the kiss breaks he says something.

“So, King Hydroflax?”
“How many time do I have to tell you? I married the diamond.” He grins and retaliates.

“So, you say?”

“What Elizabeth 1?”
“What about Ramone?”
“Marilyn Monroe.”

“Stephen Frye.”

“Cleopatra!” The Doctor smiles and kisses River’s cheek before saying.
“You were Cleopatra unless you forgot.”

         River points out the TARDIS window and says.

“Hang on! I recognize that planet.”
“Well that’s nice. Maybe they’ll name the crater after us.” River’s eyes pool with tears as she whispers.

“That’s Darillium! You know, the Singing Towers.” The Doctor recognizes the name and he knows that if they go there…when they leave…

“Yes, I’ll be sure to give them a wave as we zoom past.”

“You always say you’re going to take me there for dinner and you always cancel at the last minute.” The Doctor wipes away River’s tears and keeps focusing on saving them both from certain death.

“I’d like to cancel this time too if possible.”

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