Haunted fame

Skye is a famous author but her back story isn't so bright and she tries to make a genie to make her one and only wish come true but someone needs to tell her that it is very dangerous, before it's too late.


7. The wish

A purple genie appeared out of the book Skype held out and a the genie dropped a golden lamp which was in his giant pocket of part of his skin which looked like a purple cloud.

The genie wore a giant top-hat which had some red lace on it. He took off his top-hat and threw it on the floor. He hovered down to the ground and started to lie on his back in the middle of the road saying, 'It's so cramped in the book especially with having a lamp in your pocket and a hat on your head.

The girls were quite confused, and they had a ton of questions but one was blurted out by Scar, 'Aren't you meant to live in the lamp not the lamp live in your pocket... or... you?'

'Other people get stuck in there so it's just too cramped plus it's like jail in there.' The genie said staring into space but his face was pointing at some clouds. This genie didn't seem too bad to the girls but a bad thing was there were people trying to cross the road like normally but they had to go on the car slightly. Five people called the genie an idiot, three people almost ran over the girls because they had to go over the curb and two people were shouting the rudest swear words they could think of to called the genie.

How  the genie fixed this problem was he hovered in the air for a bit but wanting to lie back down he used his powers and made a load of signs near the road saying it was closed for the day. All cars that was on it one minute went off it within a second of the genies fingers clicking three times. He lied back down on the rough concrete which he made look as conformable as a  king sized soft bed when in fact it was acually felt like hard rocks and  something as sharp as a knife.

'Can I please have a wish,'

'Yeah sure wish for you want and I'll give it to you and remember that you can wish for everything to go away,' the genie said, staring at the clouds.

'I wish my sister Scarlet was still alive, in front of me,' Skye said to the genie carfully choosing her words hoping nothing bad would happen.

The genie clicked his fingers and a beautiful girl, who was lying on a white hospital bed, appeared in front of Skye.

The sun illuminated her gorgous eyes making them shimmer an intense electric blue. Her hair was a beautiful dirty blond and she held a note in one hand and a small bottle in the other but this was a part of the genies trick.

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