Haunted fame

Skye is a famous author but her back story isn't so bright and she tries to make a genie to make her one and only wish come true but someone needs to tell her that it is very dangerous, before it's too late.


6. The summoning words

%Both Scar and Skye showed up at the place where they said to meet and they both brought backpacks but both of the backpacks were completely different in their own way. Skye's backpack was a sunset with orange around each zib , in front of the sunset was three birch trees in black.

On Scars bag were four butterflies, with a sky blue background and a rainbow at the top.

'I like your backpack,' Scar said.

Skye turned around and said, 'thanks but this is my sisters bag.'

Skye took off her backpack with her red fingers because of the cold. She opened her back and, shivering, she put her light blue gloves on over her lime green coat, she looked at Scar who was wearing a purple coat with red gloves and a red scarf with a wolf hat on top.

Skye then looked in her backpack and took out the big book on genies she got when she was younger. Skye sat at a bench right next to where she put her backpack. 

Scar sat next to her and put her backpack on the floor, leaning on a leg of the bench. Scar looked over at Skye's book and Skye passed it over to her.

After 5 minutes of looking at the front and back of the book, Scar said, 'it's cool but weird that they put on the front cover of the book, words to summon the genie on a book about not summoning the genie.

'Where?' Skye asked, moving next to Scar to have a look.

'There,' Scar said pointing to the bottom left of the front cover. Where she was pointing was quite dusty but both of them saw the words "Say 'Genie, genie, genie, I need your help,' and the genie will appear."

'Genie, genie_'

'Noo,' Scar said and she pushed Skye to make sure she wouldn't summon the genie.

'Sorry, I just got way too excited,  I wanted my sister back, and I wanted that now.'

'It's okay but are you ready?' Scar said.

Skyelooked at her in a confused way.

'I mean do you know what you're going to ask him?'

Skye's frown turned upside-down to a smile and she said, ' yeah, of course I'm ready.'

But after she said the sentence, 'Genie, genie, genie, I need you're help,' she regents it and shiving in fear on the inside she dreaded the genie's welcome. Trying not to show it she was afraid and a shiver went down her spine as the purple genie appered out of the book she held out.

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