Haunted fame

Skye is a famous author but her back story isn't so bright and she tries to make a genie to make her one and only wish come true but someone needs to tell her that it is very dangerous, before it's too late.


9. The Misunderstanding

How are you out of your coma, it says right on here that "One's love," What did it say?' Skye said. She put down the little bottle and looked on the piece of paper. 'Here it is, "One's love's sacrifice to One," meaning I need to give you a sacrifice... I... I... I... I haven't given you anything.'

'Yes you have, you gave her one of your tears because Your brother experimented and made a substance which he found what it did and called it cancer-maker and this liquid fell to the floor without him knowing, a drop went into Scarlet's drink that she drank, which made her have symptoms looking like she had cancer but this only put her in a coma so I couldn't make her back to life as a zombie. If someone asks for someone alive who's dead will turn to a zombie, but to ask for someone alive who's in a coma, that gives you a riddle you need to answer right or you would be a zombie,' the genie said.

'This isn't a riddle_ wow, our brother made a cool substance,' Skye said when showing the genie the piece of paper then got distracted.

'All is well, see you later Scar, I love that you're back, and let's go Scarlet, my sister and,' Skye looked at the genie and said, 'bye genie.'

Scar walked home with the genie lamp and the book which the lamp went in after the genie went in the lamp.

Skye walked home knowing Scarlet, her sister was behind her.

'I can easily gain her trust and destroy her,' Scarlet mumbled to herself. She then caught up with Skye, wanting revenge for Skye never helping her with her symptoms.

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