Haunted fame

Skye is a famous author but her back story isn't so bright and she tries to make a genie to make her one and only wish come true but someone needs to tell her that it is very dangerous, before it's too late.


4. 2017

Skye is an author everyone loves but since she got the book about the genie her life turned around to being really horrible to live.

When Skye was younger, she showed her older sister her book on genies and her sister said, 'That's a cool fiction book.'

When Skye told her sister it was a non fiction her sister didn't believe her and her sister said it was a load of gobbledegook  (in other words  a load of rubbish.) Well... that happened before Skye's sister, Scarlet, died, after her death Skye felt like there was a part of her lost, forever but no one knows about Scarlet because they would want to know answers to questions that Skye really didn't want to answer,  like how did she die and we're you there when she died but anyway this is where Skye's story began.

There's a load of young girls and boys loving Skye and her stories but one of them met her at the worst time.

Skye was in a bathroom crying, thinking about her sister at a party and a little girl opened the door.

'Sorry I didn't know this was being used,' the little girl said.

Skye took her head out of the towel she was crying in and she looked at the little girl, ' no, no I'm not using the toilet, sorry if you wanted to use it.'

The little girl turned around, smiled then said, ' Oh my godness you're Skye Young the best author I know. Are you okay? Are you crying?'

'I'm fine, honestly. So do you like some books I make.'

'Yeah, you're awesome,' the little girl said, smiling.

At this time another woman came running in but she pushed Skye and the little girl out, saying in a rushed voice 'I need it.'

'Hi I'm Scarlet,' the little girl said, putting her hand out for Skye to shake.

'You have the same name as my_'  Skye stopped remembering, her sister must stay a secret.

'Who? Who has the same name as me?'

'My...' Skye thought for a second and said, 'My friend. Sorry.'

'Yeah my name is Scarlet but many call me Scar.'

Skye smiled and sat on a chair on the other of the big room. Skye looked at the floor and thought about her poor sister.

'What's wrong?' Scar asked.

'I'm fi_'

'I know you're not fine, so just let it out.'

'Okay, fine I'll tell you the truth about my past but promise not to tell anyone.'

Scar put her hand on her heart and said in a sweet, soothing voice, 'I promise.'

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