Haunted fame

Skye is a famous author but her back story isn't so bright and she tries to make a genie to make her one and only wish come true but someone needs to tell her that it is very dangerous, before it's too late.


2. 1999

Panting like crazy, Alex ran behind a tree with a very thick book called 'The genie lamp book.' The book says all about genies and how they are dangerous.

Alex had just a saw a sentence at the of the book, which said "say 'genie, genie, genie I need your help' and the genie lamp with a genie inside will appear."

Alex quickly said, while three knights were still trying to look for him to try and kill him, 'genie, genie, genie I need your help.'

In a split second a golden genie lamp appeared in his hands. The golden genie lamp looked shiny in a strange way and it was very light for a lamp with a genie in it.

Alex looked behind himself and started to run again when he found out that the three knights know where he was.

While Alex was running he accidentally dropped the book he had, so he forgot that genies were dangerous. Knowing he dropped the book about genies, he held onto the the genie lamp with both hands but he didn't know he was rubbing it with his right hand.

A purple genie came out of the lamp and said, 'you're wish is my command.'

Alex stopped running in confusion and said 'what?'

'Why are those men trying to chase you?' the genie asked.

'Trying to kill me, not chase me, help,' Alex panted annoyed, clutching his heart with his left hand and his hip with his right.

'Tell me what happened.'

When Alex had a proper look, he could see the genie much better. The genie was a bright violet colour with a cyan top with gold buttons. The genie looked giant and he was hovering over a forest but he had no leg, instead it looked like the end of a purple cloud.

'I broke the law by_' The genie waited for the rest of the story, which never came.

'By?' the genie asked.

'I robbed the bank down the road and a knight caught me, called for two more knights and now they're trying to kill me, but I threw the money at them before running,' Alex explained.

'Well you have three wishes and you can wish everything to go away.'

'Okay, firstly I wish these knights behind me were dead.' Alex said, her then looked around the tree and saw the three knights wearing iron armor on the floor. All of their swords were laying on the floor. None of them were moving, they all looked dead but then ten seconds later they all stood up and they looked like they were alive but they looked like_

'ZOMBIES,' Alex said, surprised and worried.

'Yeah they're zombies, what's your second wish?' The genie asked.

'I wish I could fly,' Alex said.

The genie nodded his head once and said, 'done.'

Alex spreader out his armsjumped up and started to fly, but he didn't know how to fly. He flew into a tree and fell to the ground, all three knight found him on the floor and they were about to kill him but before they approached, he opened his mouth and said, 'I wish everything to go away.'

'Your wish is my command,' the genie said, grinning in an evil way as he saw Alex being sicker into his genie lamp. 'The more the merrier. '

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