My Life For Your Love

This is a Blue Exorcist fanfiction with Rin X OC. OC is a Nephilim, or the offspring of a demon and a human. Her name is Rio Adachi, and she is like a neko, looking like a human but with cat ears and a tail. Her role in the story is that she was a familiar to Shiro Fujimoto, at least, publicly. In real life, Shiro taught Rio how to fight and protect herself and was like a father figure to her. When Shiro died, Rio was passed down to Rin. Now Rio is his familiar. Rin didn't know about Rio because Shiro had her hide herself from him, but he ordered her to protect him, so that Rio had to follow Rin to make sure he was safe. Rio can transform into a cat like Mephisto, so Rin keeps her in his backpack during day school. During the Cram School, she turns back into her original form. This results in multiple students having a grudge against her for being a Nephilim, and not trusting her. Her weapon is a a spear that that can move around in the air because of some fingerless tech gloves she we


1. Mourning Shiro Fujimoto

[Third Person POV]

Rin sat in his room, reading some manga he swiped from Yukio. He didn't notice the Nephilim girl popping into his room, floating in the middle of the air. She looked at him for a moment before speaking.

"Alright, let's get this over with," screaming in three, two, one.


Rio Adachi sighed. "Hi. I'm Rio Adachi, and I was Shiro Fujimoto's familiar. Now that he's kicked the bucket, I've been passed down to you,"

"You- I- what?"

"I used to work for the old fart. He taught me how to fight, and in return I had to follow you around, making sure you didn't get into trouble. How do you think Shiro found you so fast when your powers surfaced? I was there, and I was going kick some demon ass, but then there was the blue flames. So I decided it would be best to not scare the shit out of you by popping into reality, which would probably result in scorch marks all over me,"

"So, you're my familiar?"

"I am now. But just because you can technically tell me what to do, it doesn't mean I can't woop your ass and tell Mephisto if you try anything kinky,"

"I'm not gonna do that!"

"Just making sure. Well, anyways, I'm kinda stuck with you now. Oh yeah, and Mephisto should be here any minute. You ready?"

"Yeah. I guess we should go downstairs,"

"Alright, let me just get in your bag,"

"Wait, what do you mean-" Rio suddenly transformed into a silver feline, jumping into Rin's backpack.

"That's what I mean,"

Rin shrugged before picking up his luggage and walking downstairs. He said his goodbyes, Rio making dramatic gagging noises the entire time. Soon Rin was standing in the middle of the road, waiting for Mephisto.

"Do you have a death wish? Because Mephisto's limosine drives like, thirty miles above the speed limit and you're standing in the middle of the fucking road," Rio said.

Before Rin could move out of the way, Mephisto's pink car arrived, nearly hitting him.

"I told you," she sang.

"Hello, Rin. And I see you've met Rio," said the flamboyant clown, getting out of his limo.

After a brief arguement over who's fault it was that Rin almost got hit by a car, the three were on their way to True Cross Academy. They discussed how Rio would be able to accompany Rin to classes. In the end, it was decided that she could come along, but she had to stay a cat, and they had to pretend that Rio was a therapy animal.

After arriving, the day was filled with orientation and icebreaker games. At the end of school, Mephisto greeted the pair, giving Rin and Rio each a key to cram school. After trying out the key on a random door, Mephisto showed them to the classroom. Rio immediately changed back into her original form, glad to have the ability to pick up stuff again.

"This is it. Are you sure you want to be an exorcist?" Mephisto asked.

Rin hesitated before reaching for the handle. But he paused when Rio made a comment. "I mean, it's either exorcist or death, so it's not much of a choice,"

Rin stood in silence for moment before speaking. "Thanks. You're a real treat, arent'cha,"

"I do try,"

Mephisto said he would be joining them and changed into a small dog. Rin opened the door and the threesome walked into the room. All of the other students were aready in their seats, and two of them stood up. Konekomaru Miwa and Izumo Kamiki both looked alert at the Nephilim.

"What the hell is that thing doing here?" Izumo snarled.

"Wow. Racist much?" Rio joked.

"You can't be racist against a monster with no rights," she replied.

"No, you still can. Wow, you are stupid,"

"Are you kidding me? Why the hell are you here? Are you an ex-wire?"

"Nope. I'm an exorcist, bitch. And you better believe it,"

"You are?" Rin asked.

"Yeah. I didn't tell you that? I'm one of the youngest exorcists in existance. Second only to- well, speak of the devil,"

"What do you... WHAT THE-"

"Please do not curse in class, Rin," said Yukio Okumura, walking into class and standing behind the teacher's desk.

Rin started to yell at Yukio, and the two argued for what seemed like forever. But it was a little interesting, so Mephisto and Rio watched. After a while, the brothers finally calmed down, and class resumed. Rio sat crisscrossed in the air for the rest of class, bored out of her mind.

Once Cram School finally finished, Rio and Rin searched for their new dorm. It took a while, but they finally found the old, empty building. As it turned out, Yukio, Rin and Rio were the only ones there, as Rin couldn't be trusted to keep his powers under control. Rin and Rio unpacked and Rin went to bed, while Rio ended up changing into her feline form and sleeping in a little kitty bed.

A few hours later, Rio woke up to find that Rin was having a nightmare. Little blue flames were bursting into existence on his body, and the teenager was twisting and turning in his sleep. He mumbled indistinguishable words, and his face was scrunched up in fear and pain. Rio jumped onto his bed and tapped his cheek with her paw. He didn't wake up, so she gave him a small lick. Nothing again. Rio gave up and extracted her claws. Grabbing onto his arm she clenched. Rin yelped and sat up.

"What the hell, Rio?"

Rio changed back into her human form before getting off his bed. "Sorry. You were having a nightmare and I couldn't wake you up,"

Rin sighed. "Fine. I'm going back to bed,"

There was a moment of silence before Rio spoke. "Rin?"


"I... I miss Shiro too,"

He stopped for a moment.

"How did you-"

"You're not the only one that knew him well. In fact, I was probably the one who knew him best,"

"But how..."

"I get nightmares too, Rin. Why do you think it took me so long to show my face? I was mourning, just like you, alone,"

Rin paused, staring at the strong girl who was now holding back tears. He stepped over to Rio and gave her a hug. The embrace was unexpected and she was very stiff at first, but she soon relaxed into it.

"Thank you," she whispered.

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