The Universe Of Stolen Characters

This is going to be a story with all of your favorite tv, movie, video game, book, anime, etc characters and your own OCs that you can suggest in the comments! If you want your original characters put into this story and yourself mentioned and given a shout out, read on!


1. Instructions:

So I read a great story in which the writer let the readers create their own characters and be a part of the story, so I'm going to do something like that. This story is going to be an original fiction in which certain characters from tv shows, movies, anime, books, video games and others will be in the story. Each of your OC's will be there too, and the setting is a town in a tiny universe. I'll be putting in my own characters, but I want you to make an OC and suggest as many tv show, movie, anime, book, etc characters as you want. Not only that, but I'll be adding to a chapter that has the original creators of the characters mentioned and shouted out.

Answer the following questions in the comments so I can have full original character sheets.

1. Name and Origin (origin optional), is the name japanese, irish, american, etc.

2. Appearance, such as hair, eye, and/or skin color; height; weight; bra size; clothing size; etc.

3. Clothing, such as shirt, pants/dress; color and pattern of clothing; accessories like hairpin, jewelry; makeup; etc.

4. Personality, such as hobbies; behavior; ticks; pet peeves; if they twirl hair/bite nails/other; accent; popularity; etc.

5. Background/History, such as do/did they have a dark past like rape, abuse, vices; where were they born; etc.

6. Certain Story Qualities, such as magical powers; weapons; species; etc.

7. Relationships, such as pets; family; friends; boyfriend; girlfriend; fiancee; husband; wife; etc.

8. Sex and LGBTQQIAAP, what parts do they have and are they any of the following, or others? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual.

Those are what I need for a character. Like I said, answer down below to get your character in the story, and the creator of the character mentioned. I can't wait!


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