The World Is A War

L Lawliet x OC. Death Note.


1. There's No Way

[Third Person POV]

Devin Casey woke up in the morning to a phone call. But it wasn't from her regular phone. The annoying ringing was coming from the phone hidden in her dresser. It was given to her by the Wammy's House. Which meant that someone from there was calling her. Devin groaned before getting out of bed. She dug through her dresser drawer and found the still ringing phone.

"Hullo?" she slurred.

"This is Watari. I believe I'm speaking to Devin Casey?" Watari asked. 

"Yeah, I'm Devin. But Watari? Why are you calling me? It's been years," Devin asked, confused.

"L is working on a new case. I believe you would be of great assistance to him,"

"This is a little out of the blue, don't you think?"

"All will be explained when you get to Japan," Watari answered.

"Japan? Is the case that serious?" Devin didn't really want to fly across the world if it wasn't.

"Very much so. There's a serial killer on the loose, and we need to find him,"

"Sounds fun," she said sarcastically.

"Are you saying yes or no?"

Devin groaned dramatically. "Fine,"

"I'll have a jet sent over soon,"

Devin hung up the phone before flopping back down on the bed. Well, at least I'll get to see Lawliet, she thought. Haven't hung out with him in forever.

A few days later, Devin was walking up to the headquarters L and Watari had been using. She had a large duffel bag filled with all of her stuff under her arm. Entering the front doors, alarms immediately rang out.

"Still paranoid I see," Devin rolled her eyes.

After a few moments, the alarms stopped and L Lawliet shuffled down the stairs in a white long-sleeved shirt and some jeans. He had bags under his eyes and his raven hair was messy as usual.

"Hey Lawliet," Devin smiled.

"Hey Devin,"

[Lawliet's POV]

I walked towards the woman I hadn't seen in years with a smile on my face. Devin Casey wore a white tank top, a black leather jacket, and some baggy white pants. Her hair was short and dyed a silvery white. Or at least, the part that wasn't covered by her signature black beanie was.

Devin had no makeup on, and yet she was beautiful as ever. I've never been the type for emotions, but with Devin, I've managed to become quite attached. I met her in Wammy's House, a girl from Ireland who knew no one and had a shitty past. Her mother died when she was two and her father left before she was born, so Devin had to move to America to live with her uncle. He was an abusive alcoholic. But soon people discovered that she was a prodigy, just like everyone at Wammy's House. So when her uncle was arrested for drunk driving and child abuse, we invited her in, leaving Devin an orphan with scars all over her body.

I ignored her at first, thinking that she was just another basic white girl that bitched about all of her problems. But I soon realized that Devin wasn't like most. She didn't like pink, or makeup, or anything else like that. She was an anime fan and a gamer. Devin loved kicking everyone's asses in any type of competition. Instead of being courteous and polite, she spoke the truth without becoming an jerk wad. I liked Devin, and soon we became best friends.

But when my training was such a success, I left the compound to be a detective. I only got in touch with her almost a year later. Apparently Devin had left Wammy's House too, and was involved with a rape crime. Devin had been raped by her boyfriend, and even though she was telling the truth, the perpetrator was winning the case. They had almost closed it, saying that the rapist was innocent when I got a call from her. I said yes because it was Devin. I knew she wouldn't lie about such a thing, and I fixed the problem in a matter of hours. She was extremely grateful, but I had to get back to my job and Devin to her life.

But now she was back. I hugged Devin, and she returned the embrace. We stood there like that for a few moments before Watari showed up.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to show Miss Casey to her room,"

"Watari! It's so good to see you," Devin said, breaking from the hug.

"Oh really? It didn't seem like that when we talked on the phone,"

"Well you did call me at four in the morning," she replied.

"Oh, right. I didn't think about the time difference. Sorry about that," Watari apologized.

"It's fine,"

Watari led Devin away, making me sigh. There's no way she likes me.

[Devin POV]

As Watari led me to my room, I mentally sighed. There's no way he likes me.


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