The World Is A War

L Lawliet x OC. Death Note.


3. Now Or Never

[Third Person POV]

L and Devin decided to walk to a coffeehouse that was nearby. As they walked, L noticed something silver gleaming on her neck.

"What's that on your neck?" He asked.

"It's a necklace," Devin showed the pendant to him.

She had on a necklace with a silver chain and a ring hanging from it. The ring seemed oddly familiar, but Lawliet couldn't put his finger on where he had seen it before. The ring was silver, and had a pair of small silver wings that sprouted on it. In between the wings was a small, circular diamond.

"It's very pretty. Where did it come from?"

"Don't you remember? Right before you left Wammy's House, we went to that fair. There was a restaurant where one of the pies they had made had a ring in it, and if you found the ring you got to keep it. You used it as an excuse to eat seven pies," she said, fiddling with the ring.

"Oh yeah! That was fun. Wait, why didn't I ever notice the necklace before?" L asked.

"Probably because the jacket I've been wearing since we met up again covers it up,"

"Oh, I see."

Today, Devin was wearing a red tank top, some black baggy pants and no jacket. She had her wallet and phone in her large front pockets, so she didn't need a purse. They soon arrived at the coffee shop, finding a small table outside. L was in his usual sitting position, and Devin focused on the menu. She decided in a matter of seconds, while L was still deciding on what cake to get. After a while, a pretty waiter came to take their order.

"I'll just have a black coffee and a heated chocolate croissant," she said, handing the woman her menu with a thank you.

"Alright, I've decided. I'll take a strawberry cake, some chocolate scones and a peppermint mocha. Oh, and I'd like a bunch of sugar cubes on the side, please," Devin rolled her eyes at his order.

"I'm sorry sir, we can't give you that as a side-"

"Then just put them in a cup,"

"We can't do that either,"

"Fine, scratch the sugar cubes please,"

The waiter looked a little irritated. She gave Devin a look that said; 'How do you put up with this?' Devin shrugged in reply.

"Alright sir, miss, I'll be back out with your orders shortly,"


"What is it?" L asked, oblivious.

"You are very lucky you have a high metabolism," Devin rolled her eyes again.

"I know, that's why I take advantage of it," he joked.

Suddenly, Devin started laughing. "What? What is it?"

"God, you're just so weird!" She calmed herself down only when their food arrived. She sipped her coffee before speaking again. "So, what's this case about? I haven't heard anything about it,"

"Have you heard of Kira?"

Devin nearly choked. "The coward that's somehow killing bad guys without being present? You're trying to catch him?"

"Yeah. From the data I have now, I've discovered a lot. For one, he can only kill if he has a face and a full name. Secondly, he only kills or can only kill by giving them heart attacks. Thirdly, many of the victim's faces and/or names weren't released publicly, so Kira has to have access to government files. Lastly, I have a main suspect,"

"That's good. So, who is it?"

"I'm nearly positive that it's a teenager named Light Yagami,"

"What's your evidence?"

"Kira is immature, childish, and hates to lose,"

"Sounds familiar," Devin smirked.

"When we did a broadcast about Kira, we only aired it in the Kanto region. But we lied on the video, saying that we had broadcasted internationally. When the fake L we used died almost immediately, it was definite that Kira was in the Kanto region. I had a small suspicion that he was in the Kanto region because of a school shooter that died by a heart attack. It seems to me that had just gained this 'ability' and was testing it out. Not only that, but when we narrowed it down, Light and others were followed, and cameras were put all over Light's house. Number one, Light was acting was too innocent. There wasn't a single thing that could be suspicious, even a little. Number two, the man following him and his fiancée both died. And let's not forget that Light's father is Chief of the police department and part of the Kira Task Force,"

"Which means he could have access to police files, with the right passcodes,"

"Exactly. But what's worse is that every time I get some sort of evidence against Light, he immediately does something that completely clears him. It's been easier to watch him ever since he joined with the Kira Task Force, but-"

"Wait, two questions. Number one, what's the Kira Task Force?"

"That's the team of people that are working with me to solve the Kira Case. Currently there are nine of us, including you. There used to be a lot more, but most left,"


"Relax. Yes, I know I'm putting myself at risk. But I'm using the alias Ryuzaki, and this way I can study Light and get work done more efficiently. Also, Light is one of the most brilliant people I've ever met. Probably third to you, if you don't count Near and Mello,"

"If you're sure. Well, I'll have to meet these task members tomorrow," Devin said, not fully convinced.

"Yes, we definitely need to go to Headquarters tomorrow," L said calmly.

"Okay. It looks like it's getting dark. We should probably head back,"

"Good idea,"

The pair arrived home exhausted and overwhelmed. Devin was a little irritated with herself for not getting to talk to L, and L was mentally kicking himself for being so emotionless.

"Hey, Lawliet?"


"We should do this again sometime. I had fun," Devin said nervously.

How do I tell him? Devin thought.

"We should. But maybe next time we could go and do an activity. Maybe a movie, or just some window shopping," L suggested.

How do I tell her? L thought.

"I can think of something to do," Devin looked at L with sweet eyes, and he understood.

"Me too,"

It's now or never, they thought.

L leaned down, and they both closed their eyes.


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