The World Is A War

L Lawliet x OC. Death Note.


4. Holding Each Other

[Third Person POV]

L kissed Devin on the lips, and she returned it. She wrapped her arms around the male and he put one hand on her waist, while the other fiddled a bit with her necklace. Once they broke away, L put a thumb to his lips, biting it a little.

"So, I guess you've liked me for a while now," Devin said softly.

L nodded, his head spinning. Even if he tried to speak it would just come out as gibberish. Devin spoke again, interrupting his thoughts.

"Good. Because, I like you too," Devin bit her lip before kissing a still shocked L. She wrapped her arms around him again, entangling her right hand in his messy hair. L loosened himself up, realizing that he had been stiff as a board. He continued playing with her ring, making Devin grin into the kiss. He pulled her a little closer, making it harder to let go. They only stopped to take a breath for air, and were about to continue when L received a call.

L sighed before taking his phone out of his pocket. L answered the call, dangling the device in front of his face. It turned out to be Watari.

"Hello, sir. I was just calling to ask you to go somewhere that doesn't have security cameras. I'm trying to get work done since you finally grew a pair,"

L stared at the phone before taking his left hand out of his pocket and flipping off the nearest camera. He then hung up the phone.

"You know, sometimes I really hate the human race," he gave Devin a peck on the cheek before saying that they needed to go to bed.

"Good idea. Well, I'll see you in the morning, Lawliet,"

"See you," L watched Devin walk up the stairs to her room. Doing the same, he went to bed after taking a quick shower. And for the first time since he was an infant, L slept the whole night, smiling.

The next day, L watched Devin examine Light Yagami as she shook his hand.

"It's nice to meet you, Light,"

Light Yagami. Just by what I've learned so far tells me that there aren't lies on his file. Hm. A high school prodigy, never failed a class, and according to his teachers, has a strong sense of justice. Used to have many friends, but recently cut himself off. Spends a lot of time in his room. He's cool and collected for someone who knows he's suspected of mass murder. Unfortunately for him, his behavior is even more suspicious. 

"Nice to meet you too. What's your name?"

Wants to learn more about me. His tone of voice is convincing for most, but his subtle smirk shows otherwise. 

"You can just call me D,"

"Alright, that works,"

L smiled, recognizing the look on her face. Devin was definitely reading him, which she was best at. One of the reasons she was admitted into Wammy's House was because of her excellence at reading people. Someone would say, 'My name is blank' and she's figured out that the person killed twenty-one people. Because that actually happened once. L was fucking terrified of what she had figured out about her by looking at his hairline when she met him. 

The rest of the day was filled with work. It was one of those days where pretty much nothing is accomplished. The team left disappointed that they had wasted twelve hours, and L and Devin were left alone. Devin was looking over some victim files at a monitor when L crept up behind her. She could hear his footsteps, but she ignored him anyways. L leaned down, kissing her neck.

"I'm glad we're finally alone," he whispered in her ear.

"The security cameras," Devin pointed out, not changing her body language.

He sighed. "Yeah, your right. So, what are you so interested in?"

"I'm just looking over the data we have already, seeing what we missed. The usual,"

"Anything good?"

"Nope. In fact, I think I'm gonna call it a night,"

"Okay. Well, I'll see you in the morning,"

"Actually, could I use your shower? Mine isn't working,"

"Sure. When did yours break?"

"Ever since I got here,"

"That's weird. I'll have to get Watari to check it out,"


The two went upstairs and Devin went into her room to grab her toiletries. She returned a few moments later, thanking L once again before getting into hi shower. It was actually quite big, big enough for multiple people to easily take a shower at once. Devin washed everything and shaved her legs before getting out. She dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her body. When she opened the bathroom door, L was sitting on his bed, waiting for her.

Devin smiled and sat down next to him, giving him a peck on the cheek. L looked surprised.

"What was that for?"

"Just cause,"

L smiled back. "Okay,"

The looked at each other for a moment. L finally broke the silence. "Um... I... was wondering... if you would want to... um... stay here with me for the night?"

"I'd love that," Devin kissed him, and the two wrapped their arms around each other.

L bit her lip softly, causing Devin to moan quietly. He smiled, and she took the chance to French him. Devin leaned on L softly and he laid down on the bed with her on top of him. L felt the urge to take her then and there, but he knew that she wasn't ready for that. So instead the pair made out for a while, only ending so that Devin could put on some clothes. She crawled back into bed and got underneath the covers. She expected L to not be a cuddle type so she left him alone, only to be met with him wrapping his arms around her. Devin smiled and laid her head on his chest, and the two fell asleep holding each other.

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