The World Is A War

L Lawliet x OC. Death Note.


2. And So The Date Began

[Lawliet's POV]

After hours of work, I decided to attempt to get some sleep. I was walking down the halls when I noticed that Devin's door was open. I peered into her room to find her asleep on the bed, wrapped in the covers. She was wearing a comfortable bra and some grey boxer shorts, and she looked like she was having a good dream. Something silver was gleaming on her neck, but I ignored it. I smiled before shuffling into my room and plopping face first onto my bed. I didn't bother changing out of my white shirt and jeans. And as expected, I didn't get a wink of sleep. Several hours later I decided to get out of bed to get some work done. Serves me right for getting my hopes up, I thought.

As I passed by Devin's room, I saw that her bed was empty. I furrowed my brow before hurrying downstairs. I couldn't find her, so I started to get worried. That is, before I heard the hum of a microwave going. Oh, you've got to be kidding me, I thought as I walked into the kitchen.

Devin was standing in front of the microwave, waiting for her hot chocolate to be finished. Thankfully, she had put on a tank top over her bra, so the 'awkward conversation' cliche had been averted. I stood at the doorway (with awful posture, as usual) for a few moments before speaking.

"Can't sleep?"

Devin jumped before realizing it was just me. "Oh, hey Lawliet. You scared the shit out of me. And yeah, I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep, so fuck regaining energy, I guess,"

"Oh, I gave up on getting back my energy a LONG time ago," I joked.

My brain was stuck on Devin twenty-four/seven. It had been distracting me from my work and sleep, and I seriously needed to get back on track. I could only think of one way to do that.

"So, I was wondering," I asked nervously.


"I need to fill you in on the case still, so..." I started sweating.


"So, maybe we could go somewhere and talk it over," At this point my underarms were soaked.

I didn't think it was possible to sweat this much, but I guess you learn something new every day.

"That sounds fun. Alright, I'd love to go with you,"

I mentally sighed in relief. I didn't think she'd say yes to a date, but then again, she might not see it that way.

[Devin's POV]

When I heard Lawliet asking me out, I was excited. But I realized pretty fast that he just saw this as a way to inform me of the case. I said yes anyways. This was a pretty good chance to tell him how I felt. We chatted for a while until L noticed that I had been yawning.

"You should get to bed. There's a lot we need to catch up on,"

"Catch up? I though you were briefing me on the case," I asked playfully.

"Well, I mean, we haven't seen each other in a while. I thought maybe we could talk about what I've missed,"  Lawliet said seductively.

I was acting cool and collected, but my insides were screaming. What the hell did he mean by that? I'm considered one of the smartest people in the world, so why am I at such a loss? I can't tell if Lawliet is flirting or just wants to know more. I mean, he has always been thirsty for more knowledge.

[Lawliet's POV]

"I see. I'd like that. It'll be fun to catch up," Devin said.

She was attempting to seem cool and collected, but I could see how nervous she was. It was almost... cute. I said I was looking forward to it, and we said goodnight to each other. Devin went back to bed, and I sat down at a monitor. There were lots more deaths for me to look over. Great. It had been hours when Devin walked up to me.

"I would ask if you're ready, but it's obvious that you'd hiss and scream, 'my precious!'"

"Why would I do that?"

"Because you look like you're about ready to marry this case. All of the crimes you solve are way too easy for you. You're excited for a challenge," Devin said.

"I guess I am happy that I'm not finishing in a matter of hours anymore,"

"It's obvious you are. So, do you wanna go, or do you need a moment alone to say goodbye?" She teased.

"Fuck you. And yes, I'm done. Let me just get some clean clothes,"

"Who are you and what have you done to my unhygienic Lawliet?"

I flipped her off as I left the room.

Good talk.

[Third Person POV]

L looked through his closet to find... nothing. The entire thing was filled with white, long-sleeved shirts and jeans. The only piece of clothing that was different was a white, long-sleeved... sweater. L sighed at himself. Changing out of his shirt and into the sweater, he put on a clean pair of jeans and some shoes. His only shoes. The smartest mind in existence, ladies and gentlemen. L didn't bother brushing his hair, knowing there was no taming it. Running back downstairs, Devin rolled her eyes at his lack of a wardrobe.

"What a difference. You're wearing a sweater,"

"This may or may not be the only thing in my closet that isn't a white, long-sleeved shirt," he said sheepishly.

"Well, you ready to go?"


And so the date began.


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