The Pianist: Hikaru x OC

Ouran High School Host Club. Hikaru x OC


2. New Host

Just as she practiced, Eden started out slow. Using the high keys, she played a soft tune. It was a pretty sound, but it wasn't enough. The judges were starting to get bored. Eden could see them out of the corner of her eye. But instead of becoming nervous, she smirked. Playing a strong note, Eden made her way down to the way left side of the piano with lightning speed. As she started playing extremely fast, loud  notes, Tamaki understood the difference between the other competitors and Eden. She was painting a picture in everyone's minds. The soft, high notes were an angel in heaven. When she moved down the keys to an Alto, she was showing the downfall of the angel. And the strong, loud, pounding of the keys Eden was doing now was the devil. The Satan in her musical story was showing his strength, punishing the fallen angel. A small tear dropped down Hikaru's  face.

"Beautiful," he  whispered.

Tamaki grinned. People were starting to realize the intent of Eden's music. Her music wasn't a song, it was a story. Suddenly, Eden started to play soft notes. She had one hand on the left side of the piano and the other on the right side. For a moment, Tamaki was confused. But then he understood. Eden was now expressing the sorrow of the angel. Her angel. The Fallen Angel.

Everyone  in the concert hall was sobbing. Everyone had felt the pain and sorrow the Fallen Angel was feeling. Even the judges were in tears. The whole reason Eden had started playing the piano was for this. She wanted to give the world music again. She wanted everyone to feel joy, sorrow, anger. Human beings had become cut off from everything else, missing out on what was truly beautiful.

Eden placed her finger on the piano, ending the song with one note. The note rang out through the hall. The note caused everyone to go silent.

That note was E. E for Eden, the person brave enough to change the world. E for the Emotion she had expressed and shared. E for the Empowerment she had shown. E for Everything Eden had given to people listening to her music. 

Eden slowly stood up, sweat gleaming on her face. She smiled before bowing to the crowd. The audience slowly started to clap, standing up, shouting, begging for an encore. The applaud was loud enough to make you go deaf. Eden left the stage, the clapping and hooting continuing. The judges didn't stop anyone, because they were a part of the uproar. Once people finally calmed down, the competition continued. But no one was able to compare to Eden. By the end of the competition, Eden had won by a landslide.

She met up with the Hosts in the lobby, and they were very excited.

"You did so great!"

"The crowd loved you!"

"That was beautiful,"

Eden smiled. "Thanks. I think I did pretty well too,"

The Hosts agreed to treat her to dinner to congratulate her performance. They were going to take her to a fancy restaurant, but she said she was tired and wanted to go home. So they took her to the address Eden had given them and dropped her off.

"Wow, you live in a skyscraper, Eden?" Honey exclaimed.

"Well, It's an apartment building. I live in one of the floors,"

"But I thought you were rich," Tamaki asked.

"Eden is the head of her own non-profit business. It helps people in need, and she's made a career out of it. That's why she's able to go to Ouran. Eden has the same amount of money as a commoner, but her social standing is very high. I'm surprised none of you knew this already,"

"Exactly," Eden said.

"But why don't you live with your parents, Eden?"

"Well, I've been on my own since I was eleven,"

She got out of the car, letting those words hang in the air of the Hosts. The next day, Eden came to the Host Club early as the message on her phone had told her to do.

"So, why did I need to come here early?"

"Tamaki had an idea last night. We're going to get a different performer,"

Eden raised her eyebrows. "I didn't think I'd be fired, but okay,"

"No, that's not it. Your performance leaves our customers too captivated, so much so that we can't do our job effectively. But we'd like to hire you for a different job,"

"What do you want me to do instead?" Eden asked, confused.

"We want you to be a Host for our club!" Tamaki said with a goofy grin.

"But... why? I'm female,"

"Because. Even though the Host Club mainly entertains our customers with romance, that's not the point of our club. Besides, even if we're the most popular club, it's always good to bring something new to the table. If we get a new Host then people will get interested and excited,"

Eden thought for a moment. "Well, I don't have anything better to do. So why the hell not,"

"Yay! We have a new Host!" Honey cheered.


The doors to Music Room 3 opened and the Hosts' first appointments came in. Because Eden had just started as a Host, no one knew to request her. She sat on an empty couch, drinking a mug of instant coffee.

"Hey, Eden. What are you drinking?" Hikaru asked, walking up to her.

"Something you've never heard of. It's instant coffee. Basically the beans have already been ground. You just pour hot water into the mix and there you go, you have coffee," Eden explained.

"That's pretty cool. How much sugar do you usually put in?"

"None. I've always preferred black coffee," she said. By this time, Eden had finished her drink and sat the mug on the table. "Don't you think you need to be entertaining your customers?"

"Nah, we're on a break. We don't get off until..." Hikaru looked at a clock. "In a few minutes, apparently. Well, I'll see you around, Eden,"

"See ya, Hikaru,"

Hikaru froze. Slowly turning around, Eden saw his shocked face.

"How- how did you know which one I was?"

"You may look identical, but you do have some differences, Hikaru. Kaoru's voice is higher than yours, for one. There are a few other things I've noticed,"

Just then, Kaoru walked over to the pair. "What's taking so long?"

"Hikaru's all shocked and shit because he found out I can tell the difference between you two,"

Kaoru raised his eyebrows. "That can't be true,"

"It is," Hikaru said softly.

"Well, then there's only one thing to do,"

The devious twins stood next to each other in the same poses, speaking in unison.

"Let's play the 'Which One Is Hikaru?' game!"

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