The Pianist: Hikaru x OC

Ouran High School Host Club. Hikaru x OC


1. Fallen Angel

Eden walked along the corridors of Ouran Academy. She wore the male uniform, but the pants were pulled up to her knees, and her top and jacket had been fitted to her large breasts. She noticed that every music room in the school was filled with chatty students. None of them were using the expensive instruments that sat in the classrooms.

Eventually, she came upon Music Room Three. Inside was the Ouran High School Host Club. The club had hired her to be a regular music performer for when they were in session. She had left class a little early to set up, so she expected the room to be empty. But when she opened the door, the Host Club was there. Tamaki looked up, and upon seeing the female, his facial expression became an attempt to be seducing. He ran over to Eden and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her in.

"What a beautiful young maiden. So, what are you here for today? The Host Club is closed right now," Tamaki said with a smile.

He pulled Eden in for a kiss, but she immediately grabbed his arms, pushing him off of her and putting him in a hold with his arms behind his back. 

"I'm gonna have to ask you to not do that," she growled, letting him go.

Tamaki was white as a ghost, astounded that his seduction had no affect on her. Hikaru and Kaoru started laughing like no tomorrow.

"I don't think I've ever met a girl with the balls to kick Tamaki's ass like that! Thank you, for bestowing this act of infinite hilariousness upon us. We bow to you," the twins joked.

"This is the new music performer I hired, Tamaki. Apparently she is a whiz at the piano just like you, and has performed in many different competitions, parties, and other things like that," Kyoya said.

"Hey. I'm Eden Aino. I would've brought my piano, but Kyoya here told me that you have one," Eden's scowl disappeared.

"Yes, we have one. It's right behind that curtain. I can have someone take the drapes down,"

"Nah, I can just move them aside for now, after all, you'll be starting your session in a few minutes anyways," Eden replied. 

Suddenly, the twins of the Ouran Host Club raced up to her."Hi, we're Hikaru and Kaoru, it's nice to meet you," they said in unison.


Eden was about to speak again, but realized that someone was tugging on her pants.

"Hi, I'm Honey. I was wondering why you're wearing a male uniform if you're a girl," Honey said with puppy dog eyes.

The other members looked awkward, and Mori walked up to Honey, whispering in his ear. "Honey, Eden is transgender," he said quietly.

Eden looked offended. "Um, yeah no, not trans. I just really don't like wearing dresses,"

At this new information, everyone was even more awkward. Mori immediately apologized, and she said it was fine. Walking over to the curtains, she used the large ropes to pull them aside.

"There, perfect," Noticing the grand piano, sitting in the middle of the stage, Eden became excited. "Holy crap, it's beautiful! I think I'm gonna have fun working with this piano,"

She sat down, playing a few keys to get warmed up.

"All right, if everything is in order, we can open up the doors to the Host Club," Tamaki said with a smile on his face.

Tamaki skipped happily over to the front doors, opening them to see a mob of damsel-in-distress girls. They all squealed at the sight of the pretty boy, and pushed their way in, trying to get to their appointments. Kyoya nodded at Eden, signaling to her to start. She started off slow, then speed. First she played Fantaisie Impromptu by Chopin. The music was fast, but soothing in a way. It went from fast, to slow, to fast all over again. Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu was a work of art, and Eden was recreating that image with her magnificent paintbrush.

Next was La Campanella, composed by Franz Liszt. It was a beautiful work, and Eden honored the composer by playing his song. She was making sure that all of the composers of the classical music world were never forgotten.

But no matter the song, she didn't miss a note. Even though the students were paying attention to the Hosts, all of them listened to her music. When she played Islamey by Balakirev, it brought an insane amount of tears to the eye, and by the time the session was over, even the Hosts were captivated.

Kyoya was a genius for hiring her. In fact, students that were walking by heard Eden's music and came into the classroom. When it was time to go, everyone was sad, but they all begged the Hosts to let her stay. None of them could wait for her music. But none of the students at Ouran Academy gave a damn about classical music. But even someone as uninterested becomes entranced when a real expert comes to the table. The classical music genre was dying, and Eden was its life support.

Once all of the Hosts' customers had left, Eden was all they could talk about. They praised her for her wonderful job, and thanked Kyoya for finding such an amazing pianist.

"Thanks. I'd love to stay and chat, but I have a competition in a couple hours, so I've got to go," Eden answered.

"Well, school is over. I think that we should all go and support Eden," Tamaki said.

"That's a great idea!" Everyone agreed.

"You sure?"

The Hosts replied yes, and the group headed to Kyoya's family limousine. Everyone chatted while Eden practiced her piece over and over again. She used a notebook to 'play' on, and Tamaki watched her fingers. After a while, he spoke.

"What piece is that? I don't recognize it,"

"What?" Eden said, distracted. "Oh. Well, this competition is the Toru Takemitsu Composition Award. It's for young composers here in Tokyo, so all of the music you'll hear will be written. Wait, you play piano?"

"Yeah, I do. Definitely not nearly as good as you though," Tamaki answered.

"Thanks," Eden said.

They finally arrived at their destination. Eden checked in and went to the competitors' waiting room. After a while, the competition finally started. The Hosts squeezed into the last seats available, and the competition started. The first one up was obviously a beginner, with no chance of coming close to winning. He lost tempo almost immediately, and the judges all made a large X on their sheets. Young composers played and played, and the Hosts started to get bored. But then number six on the list walked out on the stage. The judges smirked, anxious for a real composer to play. Even the audience perked up, for everyone knew the name of Eden Aino.

A man called out over the speakerphone; "Our Champion from last year, Eden Aino, with the original song; Fallen Angel,"

Eden adjusted her stool before sitting down. She took a deep breath, and played.

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