Camp Camp: Music Camp

In this fanfic, it's been years since the first summer of Camp Camp, and the old gang is back. Everyone is now sixteen or seventeen years old. But this time, there's a new camper. Her name is Aiden, and she joined the Music Camp at Camp Campbell. She's seventeen and a music prodigy. She's very experienced at almost any instrument. Aiden wears a white tank top with a black leather jacket, some white baggy pants, and a black beanie that covers her hair. Her eyes are silver, and her hair is blue. She puts up a front in public because she has a complicated history. Her uncle and guardian is an alcoholic who beats her for no reason, her father left before she was born, and her mother killed herself when Aiden was six. Her personality is much like Max's, in the way that she is clever and sarcastic. Aiden immediately makes friends with Max. In fact, maybe they'll become a little more than friends.


1. Uncle From Ireland

The bus slammed to a stop in front of the Camp Campbell front gate. All of the campers, including Max, Nikki, Neil, and all of the other campers from the last years at Camp Campbell. In fact, the only difference in the campers was the girl sitting in the back of the bus, listening to Pandora on her phone and not talking to anyone. Noticing that they were at their destination, Aiden Walsh stood up and stepped off the bus. She paused her 'Awesome Mix Vol. One' playlist and stuffed her phone inside of her bag. Noticing the new girl, Max walked over to her.

"Hey. So, I noticed that you're new to this shitty camp. I'm Max. What's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Aiden Walsh," Aiden replied with an Irish accent.

"Cool. So, you're Scottish?" he asked.

"Actually, I'm Irish. I lived there for about seven years,"

"That's awesome. Oh yeah, you're gonna want to get ready for the most stupid, man-child counselor you've ever met,"

"What do you-"

Suddenly David ran up with his normal stupid grin, facing the children.

"Alright, campers! So we have a new kiddo here today, and I'd like her to introduce herself!" David skipped over to Aiden and put his hand on her shoulder. "Now, don't be shy. Tell us a little about you!"

Aiden stared at his hand for a moment. She lightly grabbed his pinkie and lifted David's hand up, dropping it so that it landed at his side. "Alright, fine. I'm Aiden Walsh. I was born in Ireland, but my mom died, so I was sent to live with my uncle in Wisconsin. I joined the Music Camp here because, well, I like music. That's pretty much it,"

"What a wonderful insight on your personality, Aiden!" David said cheerily.

"Sure. So I have a question. Are you actually retarded or do you just like to act like a eejit?"

Used to the remarks he gotten throughout the years from Max, David ignored her. He led the campers into the grounds, showing them which bunks they would be sleeping in. Since they didn't separate by gender, Aiden ended up getting a bunk with Max. They both unpacked their stuff and left when they heard David beckoning all of them.

"Alright campers! It's time for dinner, and then lights out!" He said.

While everyone attempted to consume the disgusting, and possibly poisonous, cafeteria food, Aiden ran back to her bunk, grabbing one of her bags. It was hidden underneath her cot, and the duffel bag contained a heaven of junk food and snacks. It was enough to get her through the entire summer. Aiden pulled out a bag of Chips Ahoy, munching on the mini cookies with a smirk. She ended up eating a sandwich, the Chips Ahoy, and some bottled Sprite. She had to quickly hide the duffel bag again, for footprints were making their way towards her tent.

Max walked into the room, smirking. "So, you brought your own snacks, huh? Pretty smart of you,"

"I'm used to being without food,"

"Well, whatever that means aside, if the idiot catches you, all of your food is gonna be confiscated," Max taunted.

"No shite, Sherlock. That's kinda why I'm hiding it. So, what do you want? Let me guess, do I have to give you some just to keep your mouth shut?" Aiden snarled.

"Usually, I would definitely do that. But nah, I won't tell. The food here is disgusting and poisonous, so pretty much anyone that eats it will have to learn what riding in an ambulance is like," Max said.

"Thanks. So, why are you here?"

"Dinner is over, so it's lights out,"

"Oh, okay," said Aiden.

She left the tent to go change, and came back to see Max asleep, in bed. She got in bed too, and soon she was fast asleep. The next few weeks were packed with the most fun Aiden had ever felt. She snuck away to Spooky Island with Nikki when Gwen wasn't looking. She had a food fight with the other campers, using Quartermaster's mashed potatoes. And she teamed up with Max to drive David insane. One day, she went to the cafeteria for breakfast to find a poster on the wall. It read 'Parents' Day is tomorrow!' Aiden went pale. She did not want her guardian; Uncle Brayden to come to her camp. Her uncle was an alcoholic and short-tempered. Put those two together, and you have a pretty good idea on what Uncle Brayden's personality was like. He was constantly drunk, and he got angry at Aiden a lot. Because of this, Aiden had a lot of scars on her body from her Uncle hitting her. Max noticed that she was staring at the Parents' Day poster, so he walked over to her.

"Noticed you were looking at the flyer. Yeah, unfortunately, today's Parents' Day," he said.

Aiden looked confused. "What do you mean? It says that Parents' Day is tomorrow,"

"They put up the flyer yesterday. So Parents' Day is today," Max replied.

"Oh," she looked fearful.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. My uncle just isn't the best parent around," said Aiden.

"Look, if you think your parents are fucked up, try everyone else here," he reassured.

Aiden was silent. Before either of them could speak, however, they heard a car honking its horn outside. The pair went outside to find the camp school bus. It was full of the campers' parents. Lots of mothers, fathers and other relatives stepped off the bus. The last to leave was an overweight man wearing a stained undershirt and an equally stained pair of jeans. Aiden's Uncle Brayden had greasy, strawberry-blonde hair, and was staggering drunkenly down the steps. Aiden immediately fixed her posture and straightened out her clothes and hair. 

"Aiden! Get your ass over here! I wanna to have a chinwag with ya," Uncle Brayden yelled in a heavy Irish accent.

Aiden hurried over to her uncle. "Sorry, Uncle Brayden,"

"So, What's the story? I thought ya said you'd be makin' money on this here camp. Did ya lie to me? Cause if so, you know what you got comin' to ya," he growled.

"I do," she said quietly.

David skipped over to the uncle and niece with a grin on his face. "It's so nice to meet you! So, you're Aiden's uncle? That's great! Your niece has had a wonderful time here,"

"Ya shouldn't be earwigging. Feck off,"

Before David could ask what he meant, Gwen called everyone into the cafeteria to start Parents' Day. Aiden gulped. Today was going to be a complete arsewipe.

Note- The following dictionary is for all of the bold words/phrases in this part of Camp Camp: Music Camp. All of the bold words/phrases are Irish slang, and therefore some readers won't know their meanings.


Eejit: Stupid, idiot

Shite: Shit

Chinwag: Conversation

What's the story: What's up?

Earwigging: Eavesdropping on a conversation

Feck off: Fuck off

Arsewipe: Pain in the ass

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