A story of 3 perspectives and a roller coaster of emotions


5. Violet

Violet used to hate Sam and she wanted revenge on Sam and an online girl, who's username was Leah4ever_25 so she bought a black house which some called a haunted house, she bought some things to decorate and she decorated her haunted house.

She put cobwebs on the corners and top of walls, two handcuffs attached to the end of the hallway, which was right behind the front door. 

She was in the middle of putting a red carpet in the middle of the hall but suddenly she heard a knock at the door.

Who would knock on this door Violet wondered, putting the carpet down and walking to the door. Violet opened the door and saw six teenagers, but her eye was captured but a cute girl with pink hair and a full pink outfit.

'Hiiii,' the girl with the pink hair said.

'Who are you guys?' Violet asked.

'Sorry about Mila, my name is Lily, Lily Batly, we are wondering if you knew anyone called Mystery Man.'

'My name is Violet and who's Mystery Man?' Violet asked, 'no sorry but your friend is really cute and she's, you know it's not Halloween ‘til 6 months, right?' she said looking at a girl who was wearing all black.

'Oh, she's Maya,' Lily said, 'she's not as nice as she seems.' Lily whispered the second part.

'She doesn't seem nice,' Violet whispered back.

'I'm not nice,' Maya said, 'That's a great insult.'

'I don't take it as an insult,' the girl with pink hair said. There was silence for 3 seconds but then the girl with pink hair said, 'I'm Mila.'

'Hey Maya, can I please borrow you for a second,'

'Why?' Maya asked.

'I'm wondering if you think the inside of this house is scary,' Violet said.

Maya looked behind her and saw her friends nodding.

'Sure,' Maya said.

Maya went into every room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement, the bedroom, the attic, the living room, the spare bedroom and the dining room as well as all of the halls and corridors and the extra rooms which are going to try a be haunted.

After looking at every room and every corridor she went back to the front door where her friends were, and she said, 'I like this hallway but I think a few more cobwebs in room 2.0.4 and some armour stands in this first hallway watching the people that come inside, put painting everywhere and some scratched paintings in room 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 and a sign on the wall next to the door in room 2.0.5 saying 'There's no escape, apart from that it's alright.'

'Guys we need to go now to Willow shop,' the only boy said.

'Oh, that's Nathan and that's Savannah,' Lily said pointing to the only boy and the last and tallest girl.

'Oh, what we came for, do you know where the shops down Willow road is?' Savannah, the tallest girl, asked.

'Yup, down this road and turn right, down there's a load of shops but I think the one shop you're looking for in a black one down the alley next to the shop called Milop and Clothes store. The black shops called More Mess, no who knows why the shops actually really tidy inside but once you’re in, it's hard to get out so good luck.'

'Okay thanks, we need to get going now, thanks for your help and bye,' Lily said and the rest of them walked away.

'No, thank you!' Violet shouted after them.

Violet did everything Maya told her to and soon she was ready, all she needed now was Samantha and Leah4ever_25 and her task was compete.

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