A story of 3 perspectives and a roller coaster of emotions


2. Violet

Violet is a nice sweet which who went to Willow Power Collage. Where witch's and wizard's go to learn witchcraft and wizardry. Violet was very smart but she was picked on a lot.

Violet was walking to her next lesson which was potions but a boy stood in her way.

'Hey Violet, why are you wearing that stupid red top?' a boy sneered looking at Violet.

'Because you can wear what you want so I wear my two favorite colors red and black, red on the top and black on the trousers. Why are you wearing that stupid fire top?' Violet asked

'One your top makes it look like you're bleeding and your tops socked up all of the blood, two this is style that everyone likes but obviously you don't understand what that means because no one likes you, what you do, or what you wear,' the boy, who's name was Billy.

'People are only your friend because you scare them,' Violet said, walking away.

She got pushed into a wall so she turned around and saw Samantha, Billy's girlfriend.

'What are you doing?' Samantha asked, pushing Violet into a wall.

'Calm down,' Billy said, putting his hand on Samantha's shoulder.

Violet saw Samantha swiftly looked over her left shoulder and saw Billy.

Violet took this at a time to run to her left and run out of a double door leading to the outside.

'Invisibalitino,' Violet whispered, walking to a window so she can see Samantha and Billy as they walk away. The word she whispered was a spell to make her invisible so Samantha and Billy couldn't see her. But she didn't know if they saw her escape...

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