A story of 3 perspectives and a roller coaster of emotions


3. Samantha

'I'm just going to get some books,' Samantha said, looking into her locker.

'Okay, honey, I'll meet you at the normal place,' Billy said.

Samantha kissed him on the lips just before watching him walk off.

Samantha took out three book, closed and locked her locked, went to a bench on the right of her so she can put her bag on the bench and put her books in her bag. She put her bag on her back and turned to go to Billy but she heard someone say 'hi,' behind her.

It was Emma walking towards her. The show-off everyone hated said, 'are you alright, Samantha.'

'I was fine until you showed up. So please go away because everyone hates you, you never help any_'

'Is that Billy with Violet?'

'What,' Samantha said, angrily.

Emma seemed to have ran away because Samantha couldn't see her when she turned around.

Samantha, who was filled with anger and rage, ran towards Violet, pushed her into the wall and said 'What are doing?'

'Calm down,' Billy said. Samantha, who's nickname was Sam, looked over her left shoulder to see him and heard him say, 'I should shut up now.'

'Thanks,' Sam said, giving him a fake smile.

Sam turned around and saw nothing but a wall, Violet must have went.

'Come on let's go to History of magic,' Billy said.

'Okay,' Samantha went forward one step but then she stopped and looked at the window

'Are you okay?' Billy asked, looking back at Samantha.

'Yeah, sorry, I thought I saw and heard Violet talk but it must've just been in my head.' she said caching up with him so they could walk next to each other.

'What did Violet want?' Sam asked.

'Well, I was the one that started the conversation by telling her that her top didn't look good.'

'Right, did you know that I share drama with her and I have drama next?' she asked.

She got no answer so she said, 'bye, in a grumpy way and walked away without looking back.

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