The Closet

This is a short story about a girl trapped in a closet by her classmates.


1. The Closet

Everything was black, dark, and shadowed. The doors remained closed, with no hope of ever being opened. And Margot sat there, hunched, defeated. The only noise was her sobs, and the faint laughing of the other students, a remembrance that she was imprisoned, and was missing out on the one day she would ever be truly happy.

A small hole had been cut into the door of the wardrobe, her only way to see what everyone else was doing. But she didn’t want the reminder. Margot didn’t even want to think about what she was missing out on.

The closet was very cramped, with no space to change positions. Behind her were clear plastic tubs filled with used school supplies such as empty glue sticks, broken pencils, and textbooks with half of the pages ripped out, and the other half completely doodled in. Old, ripped raincoats lay on top of the bins, and broken hangers still inside of the jackets.

The wood surrounding her was dark oak, and it only added to the darkness. It was covered in scratches, carved there by who knows what. And the only other thing in the entire closet, was sadness.

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