An Undertale Playthrough

This is a True Pacifist playthrough of Undertale


1. Undertale

As I start my new game; Undertale, the intro starts with soft music playing in the background. I see the player tripping on a root, falling into a deep abyss. I wait in anticipation, excited to finally play the game I had heard so much about. As the game asks me what my name is, I imagine what being the player; Frisk, will be like.

The wind is roaring in my ears, blocking out the screams emitting from my mouth. I look down at the ground speeding towards me. I close my eyes, anticipating the sharp pain and relief of death I can’t escape. I hear a dull thud and pain shoots up my leg and spine. As I drift off to sleep, the scent of flowers gives me peace.

I wake up laying on a bed of golden flowers. Most of their stems are bent from my weight. I sniff my shirt and pants to find that I smell just like the small plants. I sit on the ground confused. The tumble that I had taken was far too long for me to be alive. After coming to no conclusion I shrug, and attempt to stand up. My leg hurts, but I’m thankfully able to walk. I walk with a slight limp towards a door leading farther along. Another flower greets me, smiling. “Howdy! I’m Flowey! Flowey the Flower!” The happy little plant says with a goofy grin. Flowey notices that I’m confused, so he spins me a tale.

“Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: Humans and Monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. Many years later, on Mt. Ebott,” Flowey continues. “Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.”

Upon asking where I am, Flowey tells me that I fell into the Underground. “Isn’t it obvious?” he scoffs. “You’re in our prison. The place you humans locked us in. You’re currently in the Ruins, a mostly abandoned part of the Underground.” I stand there in silence. After a few moments, Flowey starts to speak again.

“You know, I guess the legend of Mt. Ebott is true. Because you… ARE NEVER GETTING OUT OF HERE!”

Flowey attacks.

His cheesy grin gone, Flowey replaces it with an evil smile. “You IDIOT! In this world, it’s kill or BE killed,”  He screams with a maniacal laugh. His eyes are wide, with a murderous look. He throws attack after attack, each one just barely missing me. Flowey closes in, getting closer and closer. Before I know it, I’m cornered. Failing to find an escape, I close my eyes in terror. But before he can kill me, he’s blasted into the air like Team Rocket.

Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins, greets me. From just glancing at her, you can tell she was a kind soul. Toriel guides me through the Ruins, telling me tale after tale. I’m constantly bombarded with terrible puns. “Why did the skeleton miss the dance?” She asks, holding back a laugh. “Because she had no-body to go with.”

Toriel is a goat monster, so she basically looks like a furry would. She wears a purple dress that goes all the way down to her ankles. Her fur is soft and white, and her smile is very pretty.

Toriel informes me of the nature of the monsters that live in the Underground.

“They aren’t evil,” she says. “In fact, I don’t think a single one wants to kill anyone. But by killing you, the whole of the Underground will be able to leave. If a monster sees you, they will attack. Try talking your way out. I don’t want anyone hurt.” I say I want to know how to go home. Toriel skirts the subject, but upon me asking several times, she stands up.

“I have to do something,” she says, going downstairs to the basement.

I follow her, stopping upon catching up. Behind Toriel is a large purple door. She says that it’s the only door to the rest of the Underground.

“I’m going to destroy it,” Toriel says fiercely. I plead with her. I want to go home. I have to go home. “Then prove to me you are strong enough to survive!”

She tells me to fight her, but I refuse. I spare Toriel again and again, giving her mercy every time. Finally she concedes, knowing I wanted to go home. Toriel gives me a hug and leaves the room with a tear in her eye.

After leaving the Ruins, I meet many new friends. The first monster I meet after leaving the Ruins is Sans the skeleton. Sans warms my heart and makes me laugh with his terrible puns. Sans is short, smiley, and a little overweight. He wears a white shirt, some shorts, and his signature blue hoodie. He introduces me to his brother, Papyrus. Papyrus is very stupid, but he wouldn’t hurt a soul. Unlike his brother, Papyrus is very tall and very lean. He wears a costume complete with a red cape. Apparently, Papyrus had named his uniform his ‘battle body.’

After I leave Snowdin, the first place in the Underground, I meet Undyne. Undyne is captain of the Royal Guard and a fish monster. She has red hair and usually wears a heavy suit of armor. Undyne is cold to me at first, but I soon warm her heart. I also accidentally ward her house, to the point that it catches fire. Thankfully she forgives me.

After being freezing cold in Snowdin and sopping wet in Waterfall, I’m happy to get warmed up in Hotland. I get to meet the Royal Scientist, Alphys, and her robotic creation, Mettaton. I have a lot of fun with him. He’s the only tv star in the Underground, and is very egotistical about it. Answering his quiz questions, cooking with him, and that insane puzzle are all the highlights of my time in Hotland. He thanks me over and over again for boosting the ratings to his shows.

But it isn’t meant to last. I have to fight King Asgore, ruler of the Underground. It’s the only way to leave. To get to the Barrier, the only thing stopping everyone in the Underground from leaving, I have to defeat Asgore.

I stand in front of a door leading to the rest of the castle. It’s the door to my freedom. The door to the Barrier. And it’s the door to Asgore. I step through the archway to see a large hallway. It has pillars and stained glass windows leading all the way up to the ceiling. The entire room gives off a golden glow. I walk along the hallway until I see something. A shadow of a monster, about as tall as me. It’s Sans.

“So you finally made it. The end of your journey is at hand,” he says.

Every word he says scared me. I’m scared more than anything. Sans says that I will be judged. I will be judged for my every action. He says that I would have to fight Asgore. If I refuse, Asgore will kill me. If I kill him, I could leave the Underground. There are no loopholes. No ways around that fact.

Sans disappears right after finishing his speech. I walk down the rest of the hallway, not stopping until I leave the corridor and go into the Throne Room. King Asgore stands in the room, watering the golden flowers that are blooming all over the floor. The flowers surround the King’s throne, making the area all the more beautiful.

“Dum dee dum,” he hums. “Just a moment, please.”

Turning around, King Asgore’s smile turns into shock. He sighs. After stuttering and mumbling a few words, he starts to walk towards a door. I follow the royal monster into another room in silence. After answering yes to his question of if I was ready, he attacks.

I dodge everything he throws at me, thankful for the armor Temmie had sold me. I don’t want to hurt him, but Sans is right. There’s no other way. I attack with the worn dagger I had found a ways back. It isn’t the best weapon, but it’s good enough. He takes hit after hit until he’s too weak to fight. I know there were only two things I can do. I can fight him, or I can spare him. When I give him the mercy I had been using throughout all of the Underground, he gives me a smile in return.

Even if I won’t be able to go home, I know that murder is too heavy a price to pay. I reach out my hand to help Asgore up, but before I can, Asgore dies. Flowey appears with a malicious grin on his face. He laughs, and attacks me. He is way too strong for me, and I know I can’t win.

I call out for help. Even though none of my friends appear and give me a hand, I feel something resonating inside of me. Something giving me the will to live. I have determination. I fight back with everything I have, making him weaker with every hit. Before I know it, I defeat Flowey.

Flowey stands a shell of his former self. “Get it over with,” he tells me. “Just kill me already.” I refuse. “I’ll just come back! I’ll hurt everyone you care for!” I spare him again. Flowey looks confused. He says he doesn’t understand, that he can’t understand. I spare him once more.

Flowey ran away.

I walk the door that leeds to my freedom. I had met so many friends, helped so many people. The journey I had taken may have been hard for me, but it had many rewards. All I had faced was for this one moment. I had expected the barrier that traps all of the monsters of the Underground to look beautiful. And it is. The door isn’t a marvel of craftsmanship, it doesn’t even have anything interesting on it. But to me, this is the door that led to home. It’s the door that leads to my warm bed, and a plate of cookies.

I reach out my hand. Turning the handle, the first thing I see... is darkness. A large title pops onto the T.V. screen. It reads, “Undertale.”  The credits scroll downward. I can see Temmie Chang, Toby Fox, and many others. I sigh in relief. The game is over. I had beaten Undertale. I stand up, set my controller on the couch, and walk away.

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