Please Kill Me

This is an after Undertale (Uppertale!) fanfiction with Sans x OC, Alpys x Undyne, and soon Papyrus x Mettaton. The OC is a neko, as in she looks like a human but has cat ears and a fluffy tail.


1. The New Monster In Snowdin

Sans walked through Snowdin with the usual grin on his face. Walking into Grillby's, he didn't see the usual customers. Sure, Doggo, Greater Dog, and everyone else was there, but sitting at the bar was someone new. She looked like a human, the only difference being she had fluffy cat ears and a tail. The monster was eating some fries as Grillby walked over to her and handed over a chocolate milkshake. The woman thanked Grillby before continuing with her meal. She wore a white tank top that showed off more than a little of her cleavage and some black, baggy pants. Her hair was cut short in a pixie style, and the color was a silvery white.

Sans walked over to his usual seat, which happened to be next to the new monster, and sat down. Turning to her, he greeted the girl before asking if she was new in Snowdin.

"Yeah. I just moved here from Waterfall. It was a little too damp there. Although it's freezing here," she added.

"Tell me about it. My name's Sans. Welcome to Snowdin," he said as he stuck out his boney hand.

Shaking it, the monster replied; "Thanks. I'm Celeste,"

Sans smiled wider before calling over Grillby. "Just the usual. You can put it on my tab," he said.

Grillby ducked underneath the counter and pulled out a bottle of ketchup. Sans picked up the bottle immediately started pouring it into his mouth.

"You sure that's healthy?" Celeste teased.

"Maybe not,"

The two talked and laughed for hours. Once Celeste got a taste of Sans' puns, the rest of the evening was filled with skeleton jokes. They were unfortunately kicked out of Grillby's when the restaurant closed, but the pair just walked around Snowdin and the forest surrounding it and chatted some more. They only stopped when they noticed the time.

"Crap. My bro's gonna be pissed if I don't get home soon. It's getting cold anyways, I guess. I'm chilled to the bone," Sans joked.

"That's fine. I guess you just were too humerus. You really tickled my funny bone," Celeste replied, bursting into laughter along with Sans.

Sans headed back home, but as soon as he was out of sight of Celeste, he ducked behind a tree to take one of his 'shortcuts' home. Appearing in the doorway his room, Sans jumped onto his bed and fell asleep in two seconds flat.

The next morning was an early start, unfortunately. Sans had sentry duty. He headed over to his sentry post, whistling Megalovania. Not soon after sitting down, however, Celeste came running towards him. How did she even find me here? He wondered. But instead of stopping when she was at his sentry post, she right past it. Monster Kid came running after her, along with several other kids. The last one was chasing all of them, apparently 'It' in their game of Tag. Suddenly, the 'it' person tagged Celeste, and she turned around, starting to chase everyone else. Sans smiled, and stood up.

"Is it okay if I join?" He asked.

"Of course!" The children replied.

Celeste came running up, and upon seeing Sans, she said hello.

"Well, you know what that means... TAG! YOU'RE IT!" She yelled, smacking Sans on the butt.

Her and the monster children laughed and started running.

"Oh, you've done it now! I'm gonna get all of you!" Sans said, laughing too. "AHAH! I GOT YOU!"

Sans, Celeste and the monster kids did everything. they had a snowball war, played hide-and-seek in the forest, and they built a ton of forts and igloo homes. After a while, parents began calling for their kids to come home, and soon it was just Sans and Celeste.

"Today was fun, wasn't it," Celeste said.

"Yeah, it really was,"

The two sat in silence for awhile before Celeste spoke.

"Hey, I was wondering... Would you... maybe want to go out sometime?" She bit her lip in anticipation.

Sans smiled. "I'd love to. How about I meet you at eight pm, tomorrow at Grillby's?'

"Sounds perfect."


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