Please Kill Me

This is an after Undertale (Uppertale!) fanfiction with Sans x OC, Alpys x Undyne, and soon Papyrus x Mettaton. The OC is a neko, as in she looks like a human but has cat ears and a fluffy tail.


4. Nobody Came


Several days later, everyone had forgotten about the incident. Celeste was taking a walk down the street at night when she felt a presence. Subtly turning her head a little, she noticed that the same man from before was following her again. Stiffening, she slowly reached into her pocket to text Sans, Undyne or anyone available. Finding nothing, Celeste panicked. She had left her phone at home.

She heard his footsteps getting louder and louder. The man was creeping up behind Celeste. She didn't bring her weapon, her phone, anything. She was about to start running when the guy grabbed her arm.

"I have a weapon. Do anything except turn into that alleyway and I'll use it," he growled.

Breath quickening, Celeste slowly walked into the dark alley to the right of them. As soon as they were out of sight, the man shoved her face first onto the ground. She tried to defend herself, but she didn't have her weapon and her magic was too weak. The man was wearing a grey t-shirt, some jeans and a brown belt. He hit and kicked Celeste, causing gashes and bruises to form all over her body. A dripple of blood was running down her face, and she was screaming in agony.

No one heard her, or those that did didn't care. The man smirked before speaking.

"I don't think my message is getting clear to you. Maybe I need a... different approach," he snickered.

The man started to undo his belt. Celeste, realizing what he was doing, screamed again and started to crawl desperately away. She was too weak to walk, and he immediately grabbed her by the hair, slamming her head on a nearby dumpster. Celeste's head went fuzzy, her vision black at the edges and her muscle control weak.

The man pulled off his pants and stripped the numb and limp Celeste. But she was still conscious enough to see and feel the man shoving himself inside of her. Her mind was racing, and tears were mixing with the flow of blood down her face. She could barely move, and yet she was kicking, hitting, biting, doing everything she could to get the man away from her.

Celeste was screaming, too. She was calling for help, for somebody, anybody, to save her. "Sans, Undyne, anybody, PLEASE!" She whimpered.

But nobody came.

After what felt like hours, Celeste gave up. She stopped screaming, stopped pleading, stopped everything. There was no point for her. No escape. No one was going to help her, and no one was going to stop him. So she just laid there, broken and bruised. She gave up.

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