Please Kill Me

This is an after Undertale (Uppertale!) fanfiction with Sans x OC, Alpys x Undyne, and soon Papyrus x Mettaton. The OC is a neko, as in she looks like a human but has cat ears and a fluffy tail.


3. Don't Meddle With Time

After Sans and Celeste kissed, they started dating and grew closer and closer. They did almost everything together, but all of that changed when a human appeared a few months later. The human's name was Frisk, and with the help of a powered up Asriel, they broke the Barrier, releasing everyone from the prison that was the Underground.

When the Barrier broke, every monster immediately knew. They could all feel their freedom resonating in their SOULs. Everyone rushed out onto the Surface in joy. For the first time, monsters experienced the heat of the sun, the beauty of a sunset, and the twinkling of the stars. The monsters felt hope, and they went to the human village outside of Mt. Ebott to finally bring peace between the races.

But humans fear those that can hurt them, and the rulers of all the countries in the world were alerted of the existence of monsters. The monsters were lucky they weren't sent into slavery. New laws were passed for monsters, and even though some accepted them, most were hateful. It was like the Civil Rights Movement, but instead the monsters were given worldwide hate. It was hard to get jobs, homes, and those that fought for equality were pushed to the ground.

Frisk was the ambassador to monsters, but she couldn't do anything about the discrimination happening. Monsters split apart, moving all over the world in hopes of starting anew. But the boss monsters stayed together. Sans, Asgore, Celeste, Toriel, Papyrus, Alphys, Undyne, Flowey, Frisk and Mettaton moved to a small suburban town, all getting homes in the same apartment building.

Sans, Papyrus and Celeste lived in an apartment with a gigantic kitchen and a lot of bone pictures. Undyne and Alphys moved into one a floor below them, getting Netflix, Hulu, and other accounts to watch anime. Asgore, Toriel, Frisk and Flowey all moved into the apartment across from the skeletons and Celeste, making a garden on the porch for Asgore and getting a nice flower pot for Flowey. Mettaton had to move into an apartment the same floor as Alphys and Undyne, sad he hadn't gotten his big break yet.

The gang managed to keep up with the rent by all getting jobs. Mettaton was a struggling actor, Sans got a job as a Physicist because of his knowledge of quantum physics, and he was a regular at a local comedy house. Toriel became a teacher at an elementary school and Asgore became the gardener for the school. Papyrus became the school's lunch skeleton, and Alphys started a career as a scientist. Undyne became a personal trainer, and Celeste went into music, starting a career as a songwriter. Frisk went back to school, happy she was in Toriel's class.

Weeks after settling down in their new home, Celeste was walking down the sidewalk on her way to Muffet's bakery. As she walked, Celeste received several dirty looks from the people around her, and she had to dodge lots of hits and kicks. She ignored it all, used to the discrimination.

Celeste got a croissant and some coffee, sitting alone at a table. The few people in the bakery were okay with monsters, so Celeste got to eat in peace. After she left, she noticed that a man was following her. He had a dark look on his face, so she texted Undyne.

                                                                                  Yo, Undyne. U there

Yeah. What's up

                                                                                  Some douche is following me. Should I kick his ass

Where are you

                                                                                  On the corner of 73rd and 171st. I'm on my way home

I'm on my way in case something goes wrong

                                                                                  Thanks. Can u tell Sans on your way out? He never                                                                                               answers texts but I know he's home


A few minutes later, Sans and Undyne turned out of an alleyway, Sans with a worried look on his face. He looked around for Celeste, sighing in relief when he saw her. The pair hurried over.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's the guy in the shirt with a 'Millenium Falcon' t-shirt and the baseball cap that's following me,"

Undyne turned around, searching for the creep while walking backwards.

"Why did you text Undyne instead of me? I'd be able to get here faster," Sans asked.

"I know, but I knew you were busy, so I wasn't sure if you would answer right away,"

He sighed. "Fair enough. So, what should we do? I vote take my shortcut home so he doesn't find out where we live,"

"I vote we kick his ass!" Undyne laughed.

"Sans is right. We need to leave. If we hurt the guy, the fuzz is gonna pin the blame on us," said Celeste.

Undyne reluctantly agreed, and the three were home in no time. Undyne went home and Celeste walked into the kitchen to make lunch. Because Papyrus only made spaghetti, she had proposed a deal. Papyrus would make spaghetti on Sundays and Celeste would make food the rest of the week. She was a good cook, so everyone stopped getting sick so often. Celeste had decided to make calzones for dinner, so she started to take out the ingredients for the dough.

Sans stood at the doorway with a dark look on his face. When Celeste noticed it, she asked him what was wrong.

"It was supposed to be great. Living up on the Surface. We were waiting for it to happen for years and years, but now that we've gotten what we wanted, it sucks. It makes me wish that we were still in the Underground. That Flowey hadn't fucking killed Asgore and then fucked everything up more by going back so that Frisk could get a better ending,"

Celeste sighed before walked over to Sans. She didn't remember anything whenever Frisk did a RESET, but Sans always let her know. So her, Sans, Frisk and Flowey were the only ones that knew about the SAVE files.

She gave him a hug and spoke. "I know it's hard. Everyone knows. But unless you want Frisk to do a TRUE RESET, we're gonna have to deal,"

At the words TRUE RESET, Sans froze. "No. We shouldn't meddle with time,"

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