Rare Blood

Vampire Knight. Zero X Female OC. OC replaces Yuki, but there is no Kaname drama involved... yet.


5. The Willow

Zero looked at her with shocked eyes. "I could never do that to you, Rui! Why would you ask me to drink your blood?"

"I know you think that you would be betraying me to do that. But it's the opposite. If I can stop or delay what's happening to you in any way, I'm going to take that chance. I would never be able to live with myself if I didn't."

"You might not be able to live with yourself if you don't help me, but how do you think I'd feel if you were put in the hospital or even died from blood loss?"

"I don't care about the consequences, Zero! I can't just stand there and let you suffer!" Rui said angrily.

Zero sat there for a few moments before speaking again. "No, Rui. I'm not going to do that to you. I won't drink your blood,"

Rui's fists were clenched, and she was taking great interest at the floor. They both sat on the floor of Zero's shower for several minutes before Rui raised her finger to the side of her neck. "If you won't do this, then I'll make you," she said.

She pressed her long nail into her skin before Zero had time to figure out what she was doing. Rui's blood slowly dripped from the small opening  she had made. The sight and smell of her blood was too much for Zero, and against his will his eyes turned a flaming red with lust for Rui's rare blood.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

Rui grabbed Zero and hugged him, stopping him from escaping. But Zero couldn't run away no matter how hard he tried. The monster inside of him took over, and he sunk his fangs into Rui's soft neck. Rui winced at the unexpected pain, but then she started to ignore it as her body got used to the feeling. Zero drank her blood with extreme lust; he had never tasted blood before. It was like a sweet nectar, but more. It was a heavenly taste, and Zero fawned over it. It was as delicious to him as ambrosia was to the gods in Greek mythology.

He didn't know if it was so good because of her blood type, but he didn't care. Zero didn't want to stop ever. But when he saw the look of Rui's face and felt her arm go limp from being so weak, common sense took over. Zero saw the horrible action he just had committed, and was disgusted with himself.

Zero looked at his shaking hands, feeling like the trash of the earth. Not even the vampires in the Night Class would have taken that much. Zero didn't understand why Rui would turn on the side of him that he hated so much.

He immediately released her, backing up against the wall. Rui's vision was pretty blurry, but she saw that as a good sign. Zero had gotten his fill instead of something that wouldn't sustain him at all. Rui leaned back against the opposite wall for support.

"Why would you make me do that?" He asked on the brink of tears. "I didn't want to hurt you. But I took so much that now you can't even sit up!"

"It's okay, Zero. I'll be fine. Even if I do feel a little weak," she reassured. "Shit, I guess I'm not really used to this. I'm pretty tired. Is it okay if I play hooky on tonight's patrol? I mean, you skipped everything today, so it's only fair,"

"Rui, the sun just rose. We both missed patrol," Zero answered.

"Fuck! Well, I guess it can't be helped. There's only one problem now; I can't walk back to my room. You can't carry me because if someone were to see a male student carrying a limp female student with bite marks on her neck to her dorm room, the end result probably wouldn't be the best scenario," said Rui.

Zero sighed with his head in his hands. Why was she so good at changing subjects?

"I guess you can sleep in my room for the few remaining hours," he suggested reluctantly.

"Well, as long as that's not weird for you, I'm fine with it," she agreed.

Zero slowly stood up, picking Rui up easily. She was ninety to hundred pounds, so Rui was basically a rag doll. Zero carried her to his bed, laying her down before leaving his room.

"I'm gonna go get a change of clothes for you," he said uncomfortably on his way out.

The only reply he got was the word 'moo.' He returned with a pair of pajamas that were sprawled on Rui's bed. Handing them to her, Zero went into the bathroom and came back with a wet rag. Throwing the cloth at her so that it landed on her face, he called out saying that she could clean herself off with it.

Returning to the bathroom, he closed the door and locked it so he could have a mental breakdown without any interruptions. Zero slowly sunk to the floor, putting his fist in his mouth to stop from screaming. What had he become? Zero had just drank the blood from the girl he had liked since he first met her! He subconsciously scratched the place where that woman drank his blood. Crying, Zero curled into a ball and rocked back and forth, back and forth. He sung the lullaby his parents used to sing to him and Ichiru.

She sleeps under the willow

The willow tree that hides her

She waits for her lover

Her lover that never came


He sleeps in the potter's field

The potter's field that buries him

He lays there long forgotten

No flowers to remember him


She sleeps in a bed of daisies

Daisies to make her smile in her slumber

She hoped for her happy ending

Instead she got an end


He sleeps under a stone

A stone that remains blank

He lays there reminiscing

Thinking about the past


The lullaby his mother and father had sung for him always calmed him down, even after they died. Slowly Zero stood up; he smoothed down his hair and wiped the tears off of his face. He unlocked the door to find sunlight streaming in through the window and Rui getting ready for the day with a smile on her face

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