Rare Blood

Vampire Knight. Zero X Female OC. OC replaces Yuki, but there is no Kaname drama involved... yet.


7. The One

Everyone stood there, shocked. Yagari was the first to snap out of the trance they were in, and rushed over to Rui. Feeling her slowly beating pulse, he called out to the Night Class, assuring them that she was alive. Before he could call an ambulance, Zero arrived on the scene. He saw Rui and he turned pale as a ghost. Zero sprinted to her, grabbing her and holding her in his arms.

"What happened?" He yelled.

Before Yagari could answer, Zero noticed the fang marks. He instantly knew who had given her the mark, and he whispered, "No. Please no." Turning to the other students, he spoke.

"I recognize these marks. They're... They're from that woman,"

"But it couldn't be! The pureblood vampire, Shizuka Hio, is dead!" Senri exclaimed.

"No. She's alive," Yagari said quietly. "Zero's right. Not only do the marks match hers, but only pure-blood vampires have the ability to do this,"

This left the vampires in silence. Yagari called an ambulance, and soon Rui was rushed to the hospital. Zero went with her, refusing to let go of her hand. Thankfully, the doctors said she would live. Rui had just lost a lot of blood, so she just needed some rest. Zero visited every day, watching her sleep, and talking to her when she was awake. Soon the doctors let her go, and Zero walked with Rui to Cross's car. They didn't speak, knowing what would come next. Both Zero and Rui had been skirting the subject of what she had become. But there was nothing either of them could do. Rui had become a vampire. Cross drove them both home, silent for once. But once they arrived back at the school, he sat them both down.

"I'm very sorry for what has happened to you two. But unfortunately, the vampire hunters have made a decision. I have to move both of you to the Night Class. The only reason Zero isn't already in the Night Class is because Rui has been a sort of anchor for you, Zero. She's been stopping you from getting out of control," Cross said solemnly.

Rui and Zero didn't look surprised. They both had been expecting it to happen at some point. Nodding, they both sat there in silence.

"You'll have to move your things over to the Moon Dormitory. Unfortunately, there aren't many extra rooms, so the two of you will have to share one," he added.

"That's okay. We'll go pack our stuff right now," Zero said.

The pair stood up, quickly leaving the room. Looking at each other, they split up, going to each of their dorm rooms.

Rui and Zero packed their bags quickly and met in the hallway.

"Hey. You ready?" Rui asked.

Zero nodded, and the two walked over to the Moon Dormitory, lugging their bags. Passing by the  Moon guard, the old geezer nodded, signaling that they were free to go through. They walked up to the door, walking in. Idol and Akatsuki were sitting at a couch, talking and drinking dissolved blood tablets. Noticing Rui and Zero, Idol stood up.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi. So, I take it you've heard about the two of us switching classes?" Rui asked.

"We have. Here, your dorm's the last one on the left side upstairs," Idol informed.


Rui and Zero up the marble stairs and turned left, heading for their new dorm room. Opening the door, they walked in to find a desk, a large closet, some shelf space, and... one bed. It may have been a queen size, but even if it was a twin they wouldn't be able to fit another bed into the room. Zero and Rui looked at each other.

"Well, this is great. What the hell are we gonna do?" Zero said.

"Well, the floor is way too hard for anyone to sleep on, so I guess we're gonna have to share," Rui answered awkwardly.

Zero nodded, and they unpacked their stuff. Once they were done, it was late into the night. Rui walked into the connected bathroom and changed into her pajamas. Going back into their room, Zero went into the bathroom to change too. Rui crawled into bed, and in a few minutes, Zero joined her. They both turned away from each other, not wanting the scene to be more awkward. After a while, Rui spoke.

"Okay, this is extremely awkward, mainly because we've been friends for a long time. But now that all of this crazy vampire shit has happened, we can't hang out like usual," Zero and Rui sat up and turned towards each other.

"You're right. But it's mainly my fault. Instead of telling you the truth, I just pushed you away," Zero said. "And now look what's happened. We're a hot mess,"

Rui opened her mouth to say something, but instead keeled over. Zero saw her eyes turn a fiery red, a look he knew too well. She put her hand over her mouth, trying to stop herself from biting him. Zero ran to the bathroom, filling up a glass of water and plopping a blood tablet into it. He wasn't able to digest the pills, but Rui could. He rushed back to her, handing her the cup of red liquid. Rui drank it all hungrily, wiping her mouth when she was done. Her breath slowed and she slowly sat back up, leaning against the back of the bed.

"God, I feel like an ass, taking those in front of you," she grumbled.

"Don't feel bad. Just be happy that you can," Zero replied.

Rui sat there for a moment, looking at Zero. As she stared, her eye wandered down to his neck. She had never felt this feeling before, a want, no, a need for his blood. How had Zero controlled it? She didn't know, but when her senses came back to her, Rui was holding Zero down on the bed. She laid on top of him, holding down his arms and legs. Her eyesight was pointed directly at his neck.

"It's okay. Go ahead, Rui. I'm not going to stop you," he said, looking directly into her lustful eyes.

Rui hesitated for a moment, not wanting to hurt Zero. But at the same time, she really wanted him, and his blood. She dove into his neck, sucking on the flesh and drinking as much blood as possible. Just like when Zero had drunk her blood, his had the same heavenly taste. But she knew why. The reason wasn't that he had a rare blood type, or that Rui was just so hungry. It was because it was Zero. Rui had known ever since he had drank her blood of her feelings. He was the one

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