Rare Blood

Vampire Knight. Zero X Female OC. OC replaces Yuki, but there is no Kaname drama involved... yet.


1. OC Character Information

Name: Rui Aino

Height: 5ft 1in

Eye Color: Blood red with silver flecks

Cup Size: D

Blood Type: AB-negative

Relationships: Kaien Cross, mentor; Zero Kiryu, friend and crush

Age: 18

Race: Human

Occupation: Protector and Head Guardian of Cross Academy

Hair: Pixie cut; silver

Weight: 97.6 pounds

Family: Unknown

Weapon: Fallen Angel. It is a spear that can mechanical change into a sword and also into a scythe. The weapon is a vampire hunter weapon that can kill vampires easily.

Appearance Description: Rui wears Yuki's school uniform, but with small changes. The only change in the top is that instead of a bow, she has a loop and through scarf to cover her neck. The scarf is white with red cherry blossom flowers on it. The flowers actually look like splotches of blood. The buttons on her shirt are undone on the top, which shows off cleavage when her scarf isn't covering her breasts. Instead of a skirt, she wears white short shorts with a black lined pattern like the top. Her hair is a silvery white like Zero's hair, and it's in a short pixie cut. Rui wears black, rectangular, half rimmed glasses. Her shoes are black flats, and she wears the black socks that go up to her thighs just like Yuki has.

Personality Description: Rui is a headstrong person that isn't afraid to speak her mind. She constantly sneaks up on different conversations and will say a comment that will make the moment very awkward or make everyone laugh. Rui doesn't like to give hints to Zero that she likes him, and instead is straightforward with him. She is very smart, observant and is great at reading people. 

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